On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


45. A proposition

 When Anna was almost done packing, Tom came in to the bedroom. "Anna darling, there is something I would like tomtalk about".
 "What it is ? You sound so serious". Anna felt a knot in her stomach, she had a feeling this would go well.
 Tom sighted sitting down on the bed. "I am very serious Anna, but not in a bad way, please don't imagine bad things honey".
 She sat down next to him on the bed and grabbed his hand. "Just tell me what it is Tom".
 "I was thinking Anna, I want to spend as much time as possible with you, all my time when I'm in London, maybe you could think about moving here ?" He was playing with something in his pocket.
 Anna bit her lip, that was exactly what she had feared. "Tom I love you very much, but I just can't, I can't move here".
 "But why Anna ? Don't you want to be with me ?" He sounded really hurt and insecure.
 She stroked his cheek lightly. "Of course I want to be with you Tom, but what would I do here in London while you are away for months at a time, just sit and wait ? I do not want you to live off you money, and I have my family and Sunburst at home".
 "But I don't mind paying, it's no problem at all". He was looking at the floor, sounding resignedly.
 "But I do mind Tom, I don't want people to think I just want your money and fame, and I can't have Sunburst here, I would die from boredom when you were away". She wasn't ready to give up her live to sit and wait for him.
 He sighed and looked so sad, that she got afraid he would start crying. "But when you are here, I can come some of the time, and you can visit me".
 "But it will be so far between, I do think I can be without you that much". He looked up, his hand balled tightly around the thing in his pocket.
 "We don't really have a choice Tom, you have your career, and I have my family, my book, my life, those thing we can't change". She said, trying not to show him how sad that made her.
 His face lighted up. "But we can change them, I could go back to the theatre, work in London permanently, we would be close all the time then".
 "Tom I won't let you do that, you are not ruining your career for me, and Luke would freak out, you also already have contracts for several movies, so no that is not an option". She said firmly.
 Tom closed his eyes, when he opened them again he smiled serenely and said. "Of course you are right darling, we just have to make do with the time we have together for now".
 "Thank you Tom, for being somunderstanding". She kissed him lovingly, and went to get the rest of her things packed.
 "What about I pack you some snacks and drinks for the trip ?" Tom slowly got up and went out the room, letting go of the thing in his pocket, leaving it there for now.
 Half an hour later Anna and Tracy was sitting in the car on their way home, it had been hard saying goodbyes, and they both sat in silence until the were out of the city.
 "Well Tracy, what about you and Chris then ? Are you going to see him again ?" Anna asked.
 Tracy shrugged and smiled. "Maybe, we agreed to keep in touch and see what happened".
 "But do you want to see him again ? Or was it just another fun night for you ?" Anna knew that relationships was not really Tracys thing.
 "Hell yes, he is sweet, he is hot and he is great in bed, so why not, but I know it will be hard, so I don't expect anything". Tracy answered.
 Anna sighed, she was happy for Tracy, but her talk with Tom bothered her. "Yeah, the distance and the work schedule is shite".
 "Did something happened between you and Tom ? You both seemed so distant when you said goodbye ?" Tracy asked worriedly.
 "You could say so, Tom wanted me to move to London, but I told him that I can't". Anne closed her eyes, thenhurtnlook on his face stil haunted her.
 Tracy reached over to squeeze her hand. "I think I understand sweetie, you don't want to sit there waiting, living off his money while he is away filming. How did he take it ?"
 "He was hurt, but I think he understands, I hope he does". Anne looked out the window, she was already missing him like crazy.


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