On a White horse

Close to a bad accident, savnes by a Prince on a White Horse, who turne out to be someone she knew long ago, but Will he even remember Anna ?


13. 50 shades of Tom

 When they arrived home Anna said goodnight to her parents and went up to her room. She took her phone from her back, there was a message from Tom.
 >Miss you my beautiful. Love Tom< he had send it 5 minutes after he had kissed her goodnight.
 She smiled and wrote back to him. >We have arrived home save. Miss you to. Kisses Anna<
 It didn't take him long to write back. >I'm so happy to hear that. Hope to be with you soon, but unfortunately I have to work all day tomorrow<
 Anna just got an idea and asked. >What time are you to be there ? And you are good a early mornings right ?<
 She could pickture the questioning  look on his face, when she read his answer. > I have to be there at 7.30 Am and yes, so I have been told<
 >Perfect, be here at 6 am, I make sure you get to the set on time. Goodnight Tom, sleep well<
 She went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth, then she removed her make-up. When she came back to her room she got into her bed and snuggled under the blanket.
 She noticed that her bed smelled like him, and she breathed in deeply, then grabbed her phone, as his answer buzzed in. >I look forward to see what you have planned. Sweet dreams my beautiful<
 The next morning her alarm clock rang at 5 am, she took a quick shower to wake her up, pulled her hair into a pony tail and put on her riding clothes and a warm sweater, before sneaking of to the stables.
 She cleaned and readiet Sunburst and one of her mother mares Golden. She was just finishing up when she heard a car turning into the courtyard.
 "Morning Tom, I'm in here". She stuck her head out the stable, calling for him.
 He came in smiling and seemed annoyingly well rested. "Good morning my pretty, what is it you want with me this early ?"
 Anna went to put her arms around him, her lips finding his, before answering. "We go for a morning ride on the moor, and I deliver you on set. I can take both horses home".
 "Fantastic idea Anna, the moor is so beautiful in the early morning, especially from horseback. And I get to watch you in those tight pants and leather boots". He winked at her.
 "Don't forget the whip, I might need it if you misbehave". She grabbed one from the holder and tried to slap him playfully.
 He walked towards her, smiling sneakingly. "My oh my little lady, it seems to by thy whom are misbehaving, I might need to train you".
 She jumped to the side and tried to get him with the whip again, but he was fast and before she could react he grabbed both her wrists pulling her to him.
 He was kissing her greedily, and Anna let her get swept away, she had never felt anything so intense, so warm, so maddening exinting as his kisses.
 "I really like that clothes on you". He whispered in a hoarse voice against her neck, that was when she realised he now had the whip.
 "Tom give me that whip back". She stepped back from him, looking at him sternly, holding her hand out.
 He raised one eyebrow and got a glint in his eyes, that made him look more like Loki than Tom. "This whip ? You want this whip ?"
 "Don't do it Tom, don't you dare". She took a step back, trying to get away, halfway amused, halfway nervous.
 She felt his strong arms catch her and flip her over his knee, he had put one of his feet up on a bale of hay. He smacked her 3 times, then put her down, grinning at her. 
 It hadn't hurt, not really, cause he had not hit her hard at all, but to her own surprice it made more than her behind burn, she gritted her teeth and closed her eyes tightly.
 "Are you okay, I didn't hurt you did I ? It wasn't meant to hurt". He was looking at her worriedly, afraid he had hurt her.
 Anna took a couple of deep breathes and looked at him grumpy. "You, you, you uhhh.. No, it didn't hurt.. It.. It arg". 
 He tilted his head looking at her astonished, then it seemed like he got it and he started laughing. "Whoops, sorry".
 "Uhh You are so much going to pay Tom. But right now We better get going, if you are going to get there in time". She sighted and went to pick up the saddles.
 Shortly after they were riding side by side on the moor, just enjoying each other and the silence.
 When they reached the set, he leaned over, kissing her lightly, before dismounting and handing her the reins. "Se you later my love".
 She rode home, plodding her revenge, she could still feel where the whip hit her, not really hurting, but in a warm sexy kind of way.


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