The Lone Mermaid

Alana, the only mermaid left in the entire ocean resents all the two leggers for what they did to her.


1. And so it begins.....

“Alana knew she had to stop the grave danger her beloved city was in. She didn't have her friends, Pip and Lilly to help her stop the enemy from attacking. The barrier that he father made to keep the city from any harm was starting to weaken from the enemies attacks. Even with the gift she had, she became weak and cried out for help."



       Deep down where there was nothing but utter darkness was when the great city stayed. It was once part of the human world but has been forgotten by mankind by how it even got to the bottom of the sea. It is because of how it even got to the bottom of the sea that no man has ever seen this once beautiful city. Within the darkness creatures lived in the city. However how are the able to see? For all creature in the ocean are able to see in their own unique way. There was once a beautiful palace of pearl and gems, more beautiful than any stone in the deep ocean. From its beautiful, opal windows, light shines from the world above which creates casts beams of light. It was from this palace that at any given moment could be heard the sweet melodies of a most beautiful music across the entire ocean. Atlantica was the most beautiful of all the kingdoms under heaven. It was a place fit for the gods.


      Thousands of years ago, Atlantica was a huge city that sat on the center of civilization, beyond the Pillars of Hercules, a city known at the time to be Atlantis. It had circling streets made of white marble and a navy that would conquer a lot of the world, Atlantis the power that the Gods commanded themselves to rule over the world at the center of civilization. At the center of this beautiful city was a massive palace, bigger than even the mighty pyramids of Egypt, made of entirely of flawless gold, on top of it sat a beautiful sphere. It had the power possessed by the gods to shape and protect their world from the evils of humanity. All humans would do the deeds that the Gods set out for them, in order to further the Atlantic Kingdom. 


             Yet the story of the fate of Atlantis tells of how this beautiful city was forever changed. When the power that was created to keep them safe was their downfall. The crystal that was the center of the Gods and their power over mankind was overused. Releasing its aura, it exploded that sunk deep into the seas where it now is. The people tried to get away, they felt as though the gods had deserted them, and turned their power on the world. Those that remained were swallowed up, turning them to stone in an instant. Those that did manage to flee were still caught in the light, forever changed by the power of the dying jewel. They all plunged into the sea, never to be seen by man again.

              The island that was Atlantis sunk far beneath the waves, as the world was blown up. The beautiful palace, once constructed of flawless gold and the heart of civilization, now tumbled beneath the waves, its golden halls and jewel-covered flooring now flooded with the increasing water that washed away all signs of life. The beautiful, white marble streets cracked beneath,and was now the broken fragments of a forgotten world. Yet, the palace still retained its magical essence, and the people lived on. For the Gods pitied on them, and thought to leave for them a world to their own. These people came from the sea, finding that they had not died, but instead became mermaids and mermen. Mermaids and mermen have the upper bodies of humans, and instead of two legs they have fins for swimming, and able to breathe underwater. Their beauty is truly amazing and wonderful. Stories told of them as violent sirens, that kill of a great number of human ocean deaths. Their voices are amazing because mermaids and mermen make such beautiful music. They possess lightning-fast reflexes, and are the fastest of any known creature in the sea. They are also quite vicious, and one should not take their stunning appearance for granted. Swarms of them have been known to eat whole whales, leaving nothing but an empty corpse. They sometimes eat whole schools of fish, leaving hardly any more than bones thrown back into the sea. However, they are gentle souls, and choose peace rather than being aggressive. If war should come, their strength is great, but they do pray that war will never come. This is the story of one of the wars, and the darkness that threatened to destroy them all. One mermaid sits apart from them all, with a chosen destiny more important than anyone else who has ever lived.


              On all sides of the palace, growing along the ruined white marble lanes and roads, a sea of green spread out in all directions, picking up light beams that found their way to the depths. Through these waves of seaweed popped in and out such as; angelfish, carp, the occasional swordfish. A disturbance in the tall weeds caused a scattering of fish and sea creature, for something was cutting its way silently through them.  A pair of eyes silently and stealthily moved throughout the greens. They curiously seemed to pierce the darkness these eyes belonged to a swimming thing, with the speed that outswam any fish in the sea, and can flawlessly cut through the waters as if it were air itself. Coming from the torso of this being were arms, strikingly different from anything seen in the depths, and luscious long hair, golden locks, braided with beautiful multicolored seashells. With the rest being of pure fin, it cut through the seaweed, making a beeline for the palace. Out of its lips came the most beautiful voice in the wide ocean; the hum seemed to magnify the wonder and mystery of the place.


               With blinding speed, the creature shot from the seaweed straight upwards, similar to the palace. Its singing seemed to increase the higher it got, flying directly towards what appeared to be an open plaza, its light sparkling like diamonds upon the surrounds. Other creatures like them joined in its way, each with the same magical, harmony. This arrival rose directly above the plaza. At the center of it sat a pearl that was more beautiful than any pearl in the sea. The light poured from the pearl that had huge power throughout the entire palace. As the highest pitch and note was reached, the pearl created a bubble around the palace. The singing decreased to but a hum then, but still hung in the air; still vibrating music and heavenly sound throughout the palace. It seemed brighter now, full of more wonderfulness. As the cheering died down to a silence, the very water echoed with a strange magic. From within the open plaza floated a particularly large merman, who is old with his face had a mask of wisdom.


           Neptune addressed the crowd. He possessed the greatest of all powers, the mastery over sea and ocean. He could control both fish and mammal with the whims of his mighty trident. On his weathered face, though mighty and frightening, was also a mask of seriousness, and love for those in which he held dear. The mask of seriousness was hidden behind the mask of pride and power, yet slivers of it poked through, for his eyes held not a single trace of relief. His voice rang out the clear over the crowd, and they all silenced.


               “My children! The rejoining is complete! Another year is gone and past! It has been quite enjoyable for all of you, I am sure! Before the festivities can complete, there are a few things that I need to address, and I sincerely hope every one of you is paying attention! Liam!” A young merman looked up from his position nearby, his cheeks stuffed. His eyes darted to and fro, with his ears turning red. He swallowed his food, and looked down, playing with his fin. “Sorry father.” 

           “Now then,” said Neptune, his eyes sweeping over them. “A few things; first, and foremost, the great divide is out of bounds to all mermaids and mermen, in case you should die a most painful death. Secondly, the Kraken does not sleep well these past few months. I suspect there is something going on in nearby waters. Therefore, I advise every one of you to stay within the borders of the palace as much as you can.”


            Within the crowd of faces, among the sweeping locks of luscious long hair, sat one pair of eyes, her thoughts elsewhere than the upcoming gala. Her hair flowed amongst the others, her eyes searching, yet looking, to the others around her. As if she did not want to be here, watching for the slightest hint of alarm that would drive her from this verge and plunge her into her unknown thoughts. Her slender body shivered slightly, her locks flowing loosely around her bosom, as she tried to stay still as possible; self-confident, as her father would call it. Yet she could not sit still this night, or any other night for that matter. For something nagged at her mind, and this thing was like a thought unfolding itself in her worst dreams.


           It was those humans, two-leggers, as she often referred to them; a name given them by her father Neptune, for those filthy creatures on the surface world. They always came as monsters from the sky, preying on their food sources (whales, fish, etc.), or even worse, terrorizing the creatures that lived in the sea near the palace. They never stopped, either. They always came back with pointy sticks, and with these they would often cause bloodshed in their efforts to destroy everything around them. King Neptune often told her it was utter suicide to go to the surface world, and to go there meant banishment from the kingdom. Yet he didn't  know is that she had been there many times, and the stories she had been told as a child of it being a nightmarish world of crude monsters was a lie, if there were such things. The surface world was lush and green, more various and beautiful than even that of the landscape she was familiar with, in the gloom which stretched for miles. And these two-leggers themselves, which walked upon their strange additions and crisscrossed this wondrous landscape, constantly destroyed it, killing the tall green things or burning the green food that they gathered. It was utterly disrespectful, and tormented her.


            Yet it was on one adventure to the surface world that her opinions of these two-leggers lessened somewhat, to the point that she was at least willing to partly release some of the stories that her father had raised her on and try to understand them more. At the same time as taking in the beauty of the surface world with a friend of hers, a young great white shark named Pip, and a dolphin named Lilly, a large thing passed them, made of some strange rock she had never lain eyes on before. However, it felt to her like nothing she had ever touched; it was rough, and smelled strange to her. Upon this big rock were hanging odd machines; long, rolling, winding snakes that seemed to bulge right out of the rock itself, and high above the rock stuck out enormous sticks, with which were attached enormous winged things of white. Her hearing the sharpest of any creature, she could distinguish strange voices upon the rock; talking of some sort she thought it was. Was this the rock of the two-leggers, moving through the surface world like the Kraken of the deep?


            Upon this rock was one two-legger in particular, who seemed to be peering over leaves of rock atop the big thing, staring straight down into the water, almost as if he were looking directly at her.  His locks waved in the air as if there were water around him, a fold of skin fluttering around what seemed to be an under-skin, with two brown legs underneath. His eyes, she could see, were the deepest green, and he seemed to be staring right into hers. She felt at that particular moment increased awe, and then the deepest wonder, for he did not look as the violent two-leggers she was most familiar with. If anything, he seemed quite curious, if that was his only idea. As the rock passed her and the man upon it slipped away into the distance, she hurried after it, her curiosity running wild.


“But we shouldn’t,” Pip had said. “If we’re caught…”

“Yeah, you’ll be punished for sure,” said Lilly.

However, Alana ignored these warnings and swam on, following the wake of the big rock.


               She eventually followed the big rock to a big semicircle of surface world wonder, a rocky growth sticking up from the water, with tall green growers and the most confusing sight to her yet. There were coral buildings everywhere, with fire sticks lighting the whole place. Two-leggers walked across surfaces of the strange rock the Big One, which was now parked along with one of these. The man she had seen before was now nowhere in sight, although she could see many two-leggers who looked similar. Supporting herself along one of the Rock walkways, she looked around her, searching, trying to find the creature. She had about given up hope, when a voice nearly made her drop into the water in fright.


“Well hi there,” he said, making her lose her grip with a splash.


             It was the same creature; the same charming appearance she had spotted before, only hours ago, while observing his Big Rock moving along the surface of the world. He carried an enormous grin upon his face, and she noticed then that he had the slightest hint of facial hair. His arms were quite muscular, now that she could see him up close, and she could sense that he was staring right at her. No, not at her; at a certain part of her. It was then she realized that her chest was clearly visible above the water, and her face turned crimson. She put her arms around herself, sinking deeper into the water. 


“Hey, don’t go!” he pleaded. “I…I didn’t scare you, did I?”


            Alana looked around. Pip and Lily had disappeared, leaving her all alone, for the first time since she began coming to the surface world. All alone, and being spoken to by a two-legger! She became ultimately afraid at that point, she didn’t have anyone to stand behind her, to back her up and give her support. She wished that she had not come now, disobeying her father’s orders and placing the palace in danger. But she could not take her eyes off of his beautiful face, those supple curves of his muscles bulging from his layer of first skin, the smile that now revealed perfect teeth; flat, not sharp as she was used to. She suddenly found her voice, and it was hard for her to speak, she was sure she would die of the shyness that now over took her. She looked up at him, her voice shaking.


“I…Are you…talking to me?”

“Well of course I am,” the man said. “There’s no one else out here. What’s your name?”

What’s my name? she thought, as if forgetting. He’s talking to me! What do I say? Do I lie? Man oh man, Alana, why do you get yourselves into these situations?

Oh come on, just tell him. He’s not doing any harm.

Yeah, but if I tell him, he’ll want to keep talking to me…and what if father finds out I’m up here?

Oh just shut up and tell him just tell him cmon, just spill it already, you’re already a dead mermaid just tell him!!

“A-a-alana..” she stuttered, looking down. She was aware now that he was still gazing at her chest, although it was now covered by her arms. She became immediately self conscious.

“Now see, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Why don’t you come out of there? You’re utterly freezing!” He extended his hand to her.


              Alana froze. Come out of the water? She had certainly never done that before. A sudden thing occurred to her, perhaps all two-leggers couldn’t be all bad, could they? But what if he was? What if he was a trickster in disguise? She knew that two-leggers couldn’t be trusted, and it would mean her death if she even tried, according to King Neptune. Yet, curiosity, like the sting of a vicious plant, took her over once more, and she extended her hand to him.


              The two-legger pulled upwards, dragging her out of the water. Flopping her up on the walkway, looking up at him. Her long hair, flowing far past her fin, lay in wet strands all around her, covering her bosom from the man. She felt suddenly that he was aware of it now, and would pull a fanged stick any moment, cutting her. She knew that her curiosity had cost her dearly now. Yet there was nothing she could do, and she was almost certain to face a similar fate when she returned home. She closed her eyes and waited for the sting to come. Yet it did not come. They merely sat there, staring at each other for what seemed an eternity. The fear that was now crowding her mind became less, and she found herself feeling like something on display, eyes upon her, in wonder; or maybe in disbelief. She said nothing, waiting for a possible warning, or a strong arm to throw her back, so she could escape this silence. It was then that the man spoke; and he didn’t have the scorn in his voice that she thought he would, merely of amazement.


“You’re…you’re a fish?” he said. “But I don’t understand. Where are your legs?”


              Alana watched him back up, as if he were preparing to defend himself, but he didn’t pull a fang stick. Instead, he continued to look at her in disbelief. Alana felt that the moment had passed; that there was no more to be seen here. She was wrong; there was no sincerity in this man, just a naïve two-legger who couldn’t possibly understand her. Swishing her tail, she dove back into the water, splashing him, hopefully knocking him off the walkway. She felt like she could cry, but the tears didn’t come. She just continued to swim, hoping Pip and Lily would come back her up, to come to her rescue and give her some comfort.


            That was nearly two months ago, and she still couldn’t get the image out of her head; still couldn’t shake the experience from the depths of her subconscious. Her father had been right. Two-leggers couldn’t be trusted. She had never told him about her adventure to the surface, nor of her meeting with the nice-looking creature on the walkway. She knew that Pip and Lilly wouldn’t rat her out either; as far as that secret was concerned, her father wasn’t even aware of her ability to talk to fish. A cheering thought, because if he could, he would probably try to force a confession out of them, as angry as he got sometimes.


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