Medea [ √ ]

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  • Published: 31 May 2016
  • Updated: 15 Jun 2016
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In which a sorceress destroys a hero who ruined her life. [ COMPLETED ]


8. thank you!

thank you all for reading! i am aware that if you don't know greek mythology, it can be quite confusing with all the names (trust me, i had about 10 tabs open to try and see where the differences are in each version/what is essential to the myth - and i did classics at a level!). i do apologise if the ending seems a little climatic! however, i chose to end it there because no-one gets a happy ending - medea doesn't find another love, and is forced to flee (again) and jason is left in the ruins of his life.

i'm pro-medea, though, so i'm hoping she's not portrayed (too much at least) as the villain!

also, i thought i would leave you guys with some facts - and there's one about what actually happens *after* these events to medea! and if there's a lesson you've all taken from this - let it be that you don't piss off a woman who's capable of murder!


# the tagline on the covers are lines from the play by euripides. so is the quote at the beginning!

# technically, it was because of aphrodite that medea fell in love with jason. hera was angry that pelias (jason's uncle) did not pray to her (and the gods are so petty), so she asked aphrodite to get medea to fall in love with him (imagine what the myths would turn out like, had gods left mortals alone!)

# colchis is situated (modern time) next to georgia

# in the myths, she escapes (normally by a chariot) to athens

# in ancient greek times, her intelligence would be perceived as a masculine trait

# so in some myths, its the corinthians who murder her children. in others she does it (i mixed it up a little). this is also the case with her brother; in some she does the killing, and in others it's jason who slaughters him

# medea actually bears jason FIVE sons - not three 

# when you read medea telling jason how he dies, that is how he dies

# there are several versions of how she kills pelias

# when she escapes, she marries aegeus (i left him out, but she basically promises him a son), king of athens but then theseus comes back (aegeus' other son) and she tries to poison him but it doesn't work so she takes medus (son with aegeus) and he ends up ruling some country called media

# there are so many versions of this myth and its ending, that you might as well read up some - all include at least one variation!

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