Twilight reversed

This is Twilight reversed. The Genders are switched. Zius a 17 year old boy from Florida moves to Forks with his mother Renee. He goes to a new school where he meets The Cullens. He then falls for one of them but they have a big secret. Will Zius handle it? *all credits go to the author of Twilight*


1. Characters


Zius Swan: 17 years old

Renee Swan: Police Cheif of Forks, Zius's Mom 

Leia Black: 17 years old, Zius' childhood best friend

Bella Cullen: 17 years old (human years) 109 years old (vampire years)

Edward Cullen: Bella's older brother 18 years old (human years) 110 years old (vampire years)

Emmett Cullen: Bella's second oldest brother 19 years old (human years) 111 years old (vampire years)

Jasper Cullen: Bella's first oldest brother 21 years old ( human years) 113 years old (vampire years)

Rosalie Cullen: Bella's sister, married to Emmett 20 years old (human years) 112 years old (vampire years)

Alice Cullen: Bella's second sister, married to Jasper 19 years old (human years) 111 years old (vampire years) 

Esme Cullen: Bella's mother, married to Carlisle 34 years old (human years) 123 years old (vampire years)

Carlisle Cullen: Bella's father, married to Esme, 36 years old (human years) 125 years old (vampire years)


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