Twilight reversed

This is Twilight reversed. The Genders are switched. Zius a 17 year old boy from Florida moves to Forks with his mother Renee. He goes to a new school where he meets The Cullens. He then falls for one of them but they have a big secret. Will Zius handle it? *all credits go to the author of Twilight*


6. Chapter 5

Zius pov: i was at home now after talking with Bella, she got me thinking on everything she said and did. I opened my book that i bought at the book store and began reading it when a few words popped out at me. I wrote them down and looked at them, eye change color, pale skin, can't be in sunlight, ultimate speed, powerful gifts. These were all the things Bella had. It got me thinking, was Bella a vampire? no vampires don't exist, i went on my laptop and began searching up things about vampires and everything vampires had Bella had. I couldn't believe it, the girl i'm falling for could be a vampire. 

*next day* 

I decided to take the day off from school and stay home and just think about the stuff that happened with me and Bella last night and the stuff i read and researched. i went downstairs and heard the door knock, i opened it and saw Bella

" what are you doing here" i asked her confused on why she was at me house 

" you wasn't in school, had to make sure you were ok" she said looking at me

i knew i had to tell her, i walked out the door and told her to follow me into the woods

" i know what your are" i said as i stopped 

" say it" she said teasingly 

" vampire" i said quietly 

" say it louder" she said 

" vampire" i said louder

" are you scared" she said standing behind me

i turned around and looked at her

" no" i said seriously

" then ask me the basic question, what do we eat?" she said staring at me

"blood" i said staring back at her now black eyes

she smirked and looked down

"i know you won't hurt me" i said looking at her 

Just as i said that she grabbed me and sped off faster than anything, we stoppeed at this cliff where a streak of sunlight appeared. 

" this is why we don't show ourselves in sunlight, people would know we're different" she said rolling up her sleeves and looking at me, i watched as she walked to the sunlight, at the moment i saw her skin sparkle and glisten when the sun touched it. 

"its like diamonds" i said staring at her 

" no its not, its a skin of a killer Zius, i'm the world's most dangerous predator" she said turning around and walking away

I followed her through a small trail

when i got to her she ran off in a speed faster than lightning, i turned every corner looking for her until she stopped behind me, i turned around to face her

" everything about me draws you in, and i can't let that happen, i am designed to kill" she said looking at me

" i don't care" i said looking into her black eyes and pale face

" i wanted to kill you...i have never wanted to taste human blood so bad before in my life" she said staring hungrily at me

" i trust you" i said not caring about anything she was saying about killing me

"don't" she said seriously 

"i'm here, i trust you" i said grabbing her waist

she pushed my arms off and sped off, i turned around to the direction she ran in to see her sitting on a branch

" my family and i are different from anyone of our kind, we learned how to control our thirst by drinking animal blood." she said not looking at me "but you...your scent is like a drug to me, i can't stay away from it" she said looking at me now

" then don't" i said sitting next to her on the branch

i saw a smile creep on to her face

i don't know what i have gotten myself into 


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