Twilight reversed

This is Twilight reversed. The Genders are switched. Zius a 17 year old boy from Florida moves to Forks with his mother Renee. He goes to a new school where he meets The Cullens. He then falls for one of them but they have a big secret. Will Zius handle it? *all credits go to the author of Twilight*


5. Chapter 4

Zius pov: I was walking home from school since i left my car at the house,i was in a rush and decided to just walk it. Something was up with Bella, it was weird how her eyes change color and how she was gone for a long period of time and also why i have never seen her eat before. I decided to go to the book store and look for a book, when i got there i searched through the shelves when a certain book caught my eye it was about vampires, cool i love horror books i bought it and put it in my bag and walked home, it was already dark out. I guess i was there for a while. I was walking in an alley when a group of guys were following me i decided not to pay attention when they caught up to me and were pushing me. I then heard a car speed towards us and stop, i saw Bella get out

" get in the car" she said staring at the guys

i got in the car and watched her stare down the guys and then got in the car and drove off, i noticed she didn't have her seatbelt on and she was driving fast

" hey slow down" i said nervously 

" i should go back there and rip those guys heads off" she said angrily 

" no you shouldn't" i said 

" do you know the repulsive things they were thinking" she said looking at me

" and you do" i asked her 

" its not hard to guess" she said trying to change the topic

we drove down until she stopped at a redlight

i heard her sigh and look at me

" are you hungry" 

" um a little" i said looking down

i picked my head up and saw we were outside a resturant, that was fast way to fast, we got out and walked inside and sat down. I ordered something and looked at her

" do you want anything" i asked her 

" no i'm good" she said looking at her hands

i watched as the waitress walked away 

" you gotta give me some answers" i asked her

" mm" she moaned " um yes, no, to get to the other side, um 1. 725" 

" i don't wanna know what the square root of Pi is" i cut her off fustrated 

" you knew that" she said amazed

" how did you know where i was" i asked her

" i didn't " she said seriously 

i sighed and looked at her

" did you follow me" i asked fustratedly 

" listen Zius," she said staring at me

" so you followed me" i asked again

" i kept a distance in case you needed my help, and then i heard what those dudes were thinking" she said getting angry

"wait you said you heard what they were thinking" i asked confused " so what you read people's minds or something"

" i can read every person's mind in this room apart from yours" she said

i watched as she went and looked at people then began saying what they were thinking she then turned to me

" and then you nothing" she said " its very fustrating" 

" so what is there something wrong with me" i asked confused

i watched as she chuckled

" i tell you i can read minds and you think theres something wrong with you" she said smirking 

i heard her then sigh and look down

" what" i asked her

" i..don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore" she said staring at me

" then don't" i whispered.





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