Twilight reversed

This is Twilight reversed. The Genders are switched. Zius a 17 year old boy from Florida moves to Forks with his mother Renee. He goes to a new school where he meets The Cullens. He then falls for one of them but they have a big secret. Will Zius handle it? *all credits go to the author of Twilight*


3. Chapter 2


Zius pov: i walked into my first class which was Biology and noticed the girl from the parking lot sitting in the only empty table, there was an empty seat next to her, i spoke to the teacher and he sat me right with the girl. I walked to the table and saw her reaction change, it looked like she smelt something bad. I sat down and glanced at her, she had one hand on her lap in a tight fist and her other hand on her mouth. I turned my head to look at the teacher he was teaching something i had already learned about in my other school. I stopped looking at the girl when the bell rang. 

* at lunch*

I was at lunch sitting with a group of kids i met in my English class, they were cool, their names were Jack, Emily, Jessica, Mark, Lynn. We were all talking when i saw the group that were standing around the car come in.

" who are they" i said motioning to the group walking in the cafeteria

" those are the Cullens" Jessica said

" they are Mr. and Mrs. Cullens adopted children, they moved here from Alaska a couple years ago" Lynn said

" ok, um the big muscular guy, thats Emmett he's with Rosalie who graduated a year ago, and then the girl with the bobcut is Alice she's with Jasper who also graduated a year ago, then the guy with the light brown hair is Edward super dreamy." Jessica said pointing out each of the Cullens

I noticed the girl from Biology walk in 

" who's she" I asked motioning to the girl

" oh, um thats Bella Cullen, she's the youngest of the Cullen clan, and they are all very protective of her, but every girl here envys her because of her body and her flawless face. But don't waste your breathe apparently no guy here is good enough for her" Jessica said with envy in her voice

" wasn't planning on it" i said staring at the girl, who sat with all her brothers and sister.

I noticed the girl look at me for a split second then back down, i saw her say something to her brothers and sister very quietly, it looked like she was angry or fustrated about something. I turned away when i saw them get up and walk out the cafeteria. 

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