Cuz I've Got A Jet Black Heart

Michael has always been the social outcast. He is different from everybody. In Freshman year oh high school (14 years old) he finds a girl names Jade who also just moved with the same problem. Can they help each other through the journey of high school? What happens when more feelings develop? Read to know.


6. First Days

The bus pulled into the school and everybody got out. Michael and I walked to the office and he opened the door.

"Thank you." I said.

"Youre welcome." He answered me back.

We walked up to the desk. "Good morning, how may I help you?" A small older lady asked us.

"Good morning, we are new and need to pick up our schedules." Michael told the nice lady.

"Okay," she looked through some papers and handed us each a different piece of paper. "is there anything else I can help you with?" 

"I don't think so." I said.

"Okay, have a nice day." 

"You too." We both said and walked out. "What's your first class?" 

"Language Arts with Mr.Ross in A34. What about you?" 

"Same." I said. I looked at the time. "Want to go find the class? Its 10 till school starts."

"Yeah, let's go." 

We walked around for a bit even after the bell rang. After 28 minutes we found the room and entered. "Hello, you both must be Michael and Jade. The new students, am I correct?" Said who I believe is Mr.Ross.

"Yes. Sorry were late, we couldn't find the class room." I apologized.

"Its alright, happens to most people. So Jade, tell is about yourself please." He said.

"Okay... Hi everybody I'm Jade. I play all sports and am really musical. I like all types of music. I just moved from another part of Australia." I said, hoping it was enough.

The class stared blackly and some clapped. "Okay class. Settle down. Okay Michael, you please do the same."

"Sure... Hey, I'm Michael. I'm okay at sports. I sing and play guitar. I'm looking to start a band so yeah. I'm also from another part of Australia." He was a singer, that's cute.

The class clapped less then they did for me. I clapped though. "Okay class, we need to get back to work." 

We both sat down in the back next to each other. 

Language Arts was pretty fun. The teacher likes to crack a lot of jokes which is always fun. 

We went to each of our classes but were pretty late. The school day was good all together. The bell rang and Michael and I went to the bus. We had all the same classes except P.E.

** Hi guys! Sorry for the short chapter, its just a filler.

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