Cuz I've Got A Jet Black Heart

Michael has always been the social outcast. He is different from everybody. In Freshman year oh high school (14 years old) he finds a girl names Jade who also just moved with the same problem. Can they help each other through the journey of high school? What happens when more feelings develop? Read to know.


1. First Mornings

     I woke up with a quick start from yet another nightmare. My name is Jade Elizabeth Brown. I am 17 and a half. I am hated everywhere I go and always have been. It was only 4:03 but I got up anyway. I usually do. My family just moved to a new part of Australia from another. My parents live in the house. I bought my own little house that's portable. It had a decent size room for me. I have quite a bit of stuff. My bed was in the corner of the room with a desk next to it. The walls were painted mint blue and black. The beat part was how I had speakers everywhere connected to the living space. It had a couch, acoustic guitar,  electric guitar, drums, bass, banjo, ukulele and a few other instruments. It had a massive DJ set which was what was connected tonall my speakers. I also had a small recording studio and lights everywhere. I had a bathroom and a kitchen but nothing of interest. 

    It was only 4:30 in the morning, so I decided to just stay up... it's the anxiety getting to me.The time I was done it was 5:45 so I started getting ready. I put on black ripped skinny jeans with a Blink-182 shirt. I wore black combat boots. My black and red died wavy hair was left down after blow dried and brushed. I did my foundation, eye-shadow and lipstick. Then it was only 6:20. I was dying of boredom. I listened to some One Direction and I just started laughing for no reason. I reorganized my backpack. Back home I had a crazy 1D fan friend. Before I moved she gave me a new 1D backpack with school stiff like binders and notebooks. Yeah, just a tad crazy. I just opened up the first nook and started doodling. I wrote "Shut the door, throw the key. Don't want to be reminded don't Finally 7:00. I put away my art supplies and left for school. Oh yeah, did I mention its my first day 2 months after the year started? Well, it is. 

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