The Man Who Doesn't Exist

This is the story of Julien who is not who he claims to be. What dark secrets does he has hidden? And which one will be revealed next?


1. Chapter I

It was a normal Monday morning just like any other, Boring.

Julien, gearing up for his early morning jog was about to leave his house. As he checked the lock on his front door for the fifth time, he heard a familiar voice.

'OCD huh? Well, gets the best of them.'

'Oh well!' Julien said and gave a half smile.

Mr. Finnegan? Why is he up so early?

That was Mr. Finnegan. He was a friendly man in his early 50s who was out on his lawn. As he went on about his way, he saw the things he saw everyday. A few elders were exercising in the neighborhood park, the newspaper boy riding his bicycle half asleep and a few people leaving for work. But the sight which he liked seeing the most was the morning sun, just out on the skies giving it an orange hue.

That is so beautiful.

After jogging for about an hour, he then went on to his favorite and the only coffee shop in his neighborhood. The barista recognized him at once.

'The usual?'

'Yes, sir!'

'Alright, coming right up!'

After having his daily dose of caffeine, he went back to his place. Opening the door, he was careful, to shut it as soon as he stepped inside.

Then locking it from the inside, he turned around. To his left, was the toilet. He went up to it and opening the door, heaved a sigh of relief.

Thank god.

Inside, there was a man. Tied up to a chair. Unconscious. Bleeding, but breathing. He went up to the man and shook him. The man woke up with a jolt.

'Huh?', the man said, still trying to get his senses together.

'Shushhh...' Julien whispered. Kneeling down , he placed his hand on the man's cheek.

'Everything's fine. I'm a friend. You don't need to worry about anything. I don't plan on torturing you or trying to get something out of you.'

Julien got up and went towards the kitchen.

'You know, I never usually talk to my friends, but are different.'

'The moment i saw you at Walmart's parking lot, OH MY GOD. Oh how much i wanted you.' said Julien, trying hard to hide his excitement.

'Please, please don't hurt me. You're making a mistake. I'm a cop, and people would be looking for me already by now. You'd be caught. You'd be sent to prison. You can't run anywhere.'

'Look at me. Do I look like the person who gives two shits about going to prison?' Julien shouted, walking towards the man.

'My whole life, I've been running. Running from cops. Running from acquaintances. Running from my past. Running from...myself.' Julien said, enraged.

'I'm sorry for shouting. Well, that's enough talking I guess.' Julien exclaimed, standing near the man.

'Please, please don't do it. I'm begging you' said the man, shaking with fear as Julien raised his hand. He was holding a Butcher's knife.

'Please, please...'

Oh my god will you please just shut up!

'I'm begging you please. I won't tell anyone about what happened here if you just let me go!'

Oh really? You wouldn't?

'Please... Ple...'

With one swing, he swung his knife right across the man's neck. The cut was really precise. It was as if he'd been doing it since he was born. There was blood all over the floor now.

Tell on this...Bitch.

As Julien looked at his writhing body, he was filled with the same feeling he got when he had first killed. He couldn't put it into words. He picked up his head and laid it out carefully on a plastic sheet. Then he went on to chop the rest of his body parts and lay them out, slowly, enjoying the whole process. After he was done, he looked at them, with a big grin on his face, feeling a sense of victory.

Right after that, when he started to clean up the place, there was a knock on his door.

'Well, looks like we have another friend' Julien said, smiling. He cleaned himself up quickly, locked the toilet door and went up to his front door. After scanning the room to see if everything was alright, he opened it.

'Mr. Finn! Hey, what's up?' said Julien, surprised.

Why is he here now?

'Wow, someone's in a good mood! What, is there someone special inside?' Mr. Finnegan asked, playfully.

'Well, something like that.' Julien said, with a smirk.

Wow. He is good. Well, I didn't expect anything less from a detective.

'Alright, I'm in a bit of a hurry too, I gotta go and visit my brother. He's a cop too but in another division, you'll really like him. Anyways, I'm deviating from the matter at hand. Why I'm here is because I wanted to give you this.' said Mr. Finn, bringing out a freshly baked apple pie.

'My wife baked it for you, celebrating your 2 years of moving here. It's horrible! I know! But, you know, you don't have to prepare breakfast now.'

Oh my. Has it been two years already? Time sure flies by!

'Aw, that is so nice of you guys but you shouldn't have.'

'Ahh, it's nothing.'

'No really. You shouldn't have. I was just about'

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