Diabolik Lovers X wolfgirl Reader


6. ~Chapter 6~

Reiji waited for you to finish eating then he said "we will be having a pyjama party tonight, so be prepared".

You nodded and laid down on your bed.

"Rest, you'll be up all night and you need to rest after today's incident" Reiji sat back down on the chair near your bedroom door.

You slowly fell asleep.


-------------PARTY PLANNING-----------


"Quick Ayato! we have to sort everything out before tonight" Reiji ordered Ayato, he had given him the task of putting pillows and blankets all around the livingroom.

"Kanato, you nearly done with those cakes and sweets?" Reiji asked Kanato.

"Yes Reiji, teddy and I have finished the cakes and sweets".

"Subaru, you go make drinks" Reiji told Subaru.

"Laito, you sort out games".

"Of course Reiji" Laito left the room and went looking for games.

"Shu, you go and, shu? where is that good for nothing lazy ass?".

"So noisy.." a voice was heard from under the blankets, on the couch.

Reiji moved some of the blankets and found Shu.

"Shu, you go get (Y/N)" Reiji ordered.

Shu got up and teleported to your room.

You were now wearing a black lacy bra and some black, lacy underwear, over the top you wore a nearly see through cloak like thing with fur around the ends of the sleeves and along the bottom edge of your cloak.

"Heh sexy.." shu said, sexily.

"Heh I know" you stated and walked over to Shu.

"I presume you're here to take me downstairs?" you asked.

Shu nodded and he grabbed your arm, ready to teleport.

"Wait! no, I'll pass out if you teleport".

Shu ignored you and he teleported you downstairs, you were passed out in his arms.


"Nufufu sexy little bitch~".

You slowly wake up.

"Wh-what? I told you Shu! don't teleport but you went and did it anyway!?" you bark, loudly at Shu.

"Teddy, I wonder what that sweet smell is".

"I smell it too, Oi (Y/N), is that you?" Ayato asks, smirking at you.

"No, well, maybe.." You said, slightly embarrassed.

"Nufu~ I know a way to make that go by faster, little bitch~"

"Pervert.." you mutter.

"Heh, let me help you with your little problem then" Ayato says, still smirking at you, his eyes glowing a hungry shade of emerald green, your blood was exciting them.

You realised that you were still in Shu's arms.

"Shu, can you put me down?"

"Thought you'd.. Never ask.." he abruptly drops you onto the floor.

You hit the floor with a quiet thud, several of them chuckled at you.

"You won't be laughing when I'm through with you" you mutter.

Ayato was watching you.

"What was that (Y/N)?!" Subaru shouted across the room.

"I said, you won't be laughing when I'm through with you!" you barked, at Subaru, "and don't try to scare me, because none of you will succeed" you stated.

"Heh, yours truly did" Ayato stated right back.

You glared at ayato "lucky day, that's the only reason that happened".

"You seemed to be enjoying yourself, little, miss, masochist~" Ayato sat down on the couch with his legs over the arm rest.

They all sat down, well, except for Reiji, he was in the Kitchen.

You waited for everyone to zone out before you creeped over to the stereo.

You put a disc full of nightcore, nightstep, and a ton of other songs into the stereo.

You pressed play and the entire mansion shook right down to its foundations.

"LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!" you shouted, then you started dancing.

"So noisy.." shu complained.

"Aw come on lazy ass! this music is awesome!" Ayato started dancing with you.

Eventually everybody joined in.

While everybody, except Shu, danced, Ayato suddenly grabbed your arm and dragged you out of the room and into the hall.

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