Diabolik Lovers X wolfgirl Reader


2. ~Chapter 2~

It was early morning when you awoke, you smiled as you heard the birds chirping.

"That must have been what woke me up".

You sat up on a bed that wasn't yours, "where am I?" you asked yourself as you looked around the room.

Nearly everything was a brilliant shade of red, the curtains, the bed covers, the wallpaper and carpet, the coffin on the floor infront of you was a metallic red and smelled of blood.

"And why is there a coffin in here?"

Suddenly the coffin lid flew open and Ayato sat up "this is not a coffin! it is an iron maiden, still smells of blood too" he grinned evilly, "want a closer look?".

Curiosity got the better of you and you nodded, he suddenly appeared next to you, causing you to jump.

"Heh, scare you did I?" he grabbed onto your arm tightly and dragged you off of his bed and towards his iron maiden.

"Obviously I took all the spikes out, and look, its still daylight, you woke me up, maybe I should punish you..".

He smirked and threw you into his iron maiden and he got in next to you, it was surprisingly big for an iron maiden.

"Iron maidens aren't usually this big, they rarely get more than a foot and a half wide" you have always had a vast knowledge of torture devices and methods.

"This one was for multiple killings, that's why it is wider" he said.

You squeaked as he quickly moved ontop of you, pinning you down.

His green eyes glowed hungrily as he looked at your neck.

"What the hell are you doing?!" you went to push him off but he grabbed both of your wrists and pinned them down next to your head.

"Yours truly will be your first everything, and I mean everything~" he leaned down and licked your neck slowly, his fangs grazed over your flesh causing you to shiver.

"Please... no..." you whimpered as he started sucking on your neck, not yet biting down.

"Heh no more tough act?" he asked mockingly as he placed his fangs on your neck, still not biting down.

"You won't be quiet for much longer, bitch" he bit down into your neck causing you to cry out in pain.

You felt yourself get weaker as he drank more, you tried to push him off again but he just bit down deeper, you started seeing black dots in your vision.

"Stop... please..." you passed out from blood loss.


You woke up several hours later and to be completely honest you were just glad that you even woke up.

Everything was pitch black.

You went to sit up but your head hit something hard, not to mention the cold body pressed up against you, wait, cold body?

You tried to move your arms, but something, you felt a rush of air rush your neck, someone was stopping you from moving.

"Heh, you can't escape" he said as tightened his arms around you and licked your neck again, right over his previous bitemarks, causing you to whimper.

You were in his iron maiden, with him, and you had been passed out for hours, you panicked as thoughts flashed through your mind of what he might have done to you.

Ayato saw your worried expression and chuckled, "don't worry bitch, I didn't do anything like that to you, yet.."

"Can you let me out of here?" you asked with a slight growl.

"Yeah, but yours truly doesn't want to, and even if I did, I bet you wouldn't even be able to walk across my room".

"If I can walk across your room, will you let me go?" you asked again, "and if I can't, you can do anything you want to me for a day."

Ayato smirked, "anything?" you nodded.

"Okay then" he opened the iron maidens lid and you sat up.

Slowly, you stood up and stepped out of the iron maiden.

You slowly walked across his room and towards the door, you had placed your hand on the doorhandle and he said, "you do know that if you leave my room, one of my brothers might get you".

You hadn't thought about that, "brothers? oh right, the pervert".

"Heh, he is not my only brother."

You asked, "who are your other brothers?".

"You will meet them if you leave my room" Ayato closed the lid and you opened his bedroom door.


~Curiosity killed the wolf~


You heard a strange noise, screams? so you stayed away from that room.

You walked along the long hallway and suddenly something caught your attention.

You heard music, oh such beautiful music, you were looking for the source of the music and once again, curiosity got the better of you..

You slowly walked upto the door and leaned against it, smiling while you listened to the music coming from said room.

You accidentally leaned too hard on the door and it pushed open.

You were laying on your stomach, looking up at the sapphire eyed boy.

"So noisy... and you interrupted me... should I punish you?..." he said lazily.

He suddenly appeared next to you, staring down at you with a hungry look in his eyes.

"Stand.." he ordered, you ignored his order.

"Hmm?.." He grabbed your arm and lifted you up off of the floor.

He put you up against the wall, holding you off of the floor.

"What should.. I do to you?.. something.. painful.." a rope appeared in his hands and he tied your wrists together.

He threw you down onto his bed and he sat on your pelvis.

"Where to start.." he asked himself, lazily.

"How about you don't start at all".

He ignored you as he leaned down towards your neck.

"Hmm?.. has my.. brother already bitten you?..".

You turned your head, showing him Ayatos bitemarks.

"It would be.. troublesome.. if you died.." he got off of you and laid down next to you.

"Just be quiet.." he said as he wrapped his arms around you and fell asleep, shortly after you fell asleep too.


You had slept surprisingly well, considering that you were in a house full of vampires.

"Oi, wake up" you gently poked the blonde vampire, he was still holding you tightly in his arms and you wanted to get up.

"I said, wake up!" you barked at him and he quickly put his hand over your mouth and he moved his head to the crook of your neck.

"I said.. be quiet..". he fell back to sleep with his head on your neck and his arms wrapped around your waist.

"I want to get up! so get the hell off!".

You heard a deep growl from him, so you growled back then you looked over to the bedroom door, Laito was standing there.

"Nufufu~ did Shu have his way with you Bitch~chan?~.

"Pervert.." Shu muttered to Laito.

"Oh~ did Ayato have you then?~"

"He'll no! Neither Shu or Ayato fucked me, and you aren't either!"

"Feisty~ I like that in a woman, bitch~chan~"

Suddenly Shu let go of you.

"Here.. have her.. maybe you.. keep her quiet.." Shu said, lazily.

"She won't be quiet while I have my way with her~" Laito looked you up and down, "sexy~".

You smirked, "heh yeah, I get that alot, now do excuse me, I have things to do"

You stood up and walked towards Shu's bedroom door and suddenly Laito grabbed your arm and pulled you close.

"Not until I've done you, bitch~chan~"

"Oh hell no!" you lift your knee, hitting him in the balls, soon after he falls to the floor holding his hurting manhood,

While you waste no time in getting out of Shu's room and away from Laito.

You weren't looking where you were going and you ran into a white haired boy who glared down at you.

"You should watch where you are going!" he shouted.

"Let me guess, you are one of Ayato's brothers?" you asked with a slightly sassy tone.

"I'm Subaru-" you interrupted him, "like the car?" you laughed a little at the thought of Subaru being a transformer.

"Tch! I was born before the fucking car company was created! he snapped.

"Okay geez, it was just a joke, anyway, I have to get going, wheres the front door?" you asked.

"Come here, I will tell you where it is".

You walk a little closer towards Subaru.

"If you try to leave, you're dead!" Subaru shouted and Ayato's head appeared in the doorway to his room.

"Oh there you are wolfy, come here, I'm thirsty" Ayato ordered, you ignored him, wait, did he just call you wolfy?

"What did you just call me?" you asked Ayato.

"Wolfy, heh, it suits you, perfect nickname for a wolf such as yourself".

You looked at Ayato, "how did you know that I'm a wolf?" you asked him.

"Your blood tastes.. different" he said as he walked closer, strangely his footsteps doubled and Ayato glared past you.

"Who is she?" the boy behind you asked, man he sounded so freaking stuck up, you turned around and saw a purple haired boy with red eyes, haha he looked like a butler or something.

"Heh who is butler boy?" you asked, not to any particular person.

Butler boy answered your question.

"I am Reiji, and you are?"

You told him your name.

"I'm (Y/N), nice to meet you, but shouldn't you be in the kitchen or something?".

Ayato grabbed your arm, "I see we both have the same opinion of butler boy here" Ayato and you start laughing and Reiji moves his glasses up his nosebridge.

"Has she met everyone yet?" Reiji asked Ayato.

"Not quite, she hasn't met Kanato" Ayato answered.

"Kanato? who is he?" you ask.

"Look Teddy, (Y/N) is curious, you know curiosity killed the wolf" he says as he looks at his teddy.

"creepy little shit.." Ayato mutters.

"I agree with you" you whisper to Ayato and you both chuckle.

"I AM NOT CREEPY!" Kanato shouts while glaring at you and Ayato.

"Teddy, maybe we should add (Y/N) to our doll collection..".

"Doll collection?" you asked.

"Ayato, maybe it'd be best if we didn't leave her alone with Kanato, see that it never happens". Reiji told everyone, including a slightly pissed off Kanato.

"Why can't she be with teddy and I!?" Kanato shouts, heh you thought about taking his teddy, just to see his reaction.

"Hey Kanato, how long can you go without teddy for?" you asked Kanato.

"I never put him down!" man this kid shouts way too much.

"Heh we'll see about that.." you say as you snatch teddy and run through the mansion, after a while you found what looked like the back door.

"And I thought vampires were fast, silly me" you chuckled as a small voice was heard in the hall behind you.

"Foolish girl! you will suffer for taking teddy!" Kanato yells.

You quickly run out of the back door and through the gardens, you cut your self on some rose thorns but right now you didn't care, you were running away from a very creepy and apparently murderous vampire.

You reached the edge of the gardens, you wanted to go back and look more but now was not the time.

You ran into the woods that border the mansion and gardens.

You must have been running for at least ten minutes when you heard branches snapping above you.

"Who's there!?" you shout and someone jumps out of the trees above you and lands next to you.

To your surprise, three people appeared.

One was a tallish boy with amazing blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair, he looked like the it's-all-about-me type.

Another was taller than the blonde, he had silver eyes and blackishgrayish hair, he looked like the military type.

The last boy was extremely tall, he had goldenbrown eyes and light brown hair.

"Who the hell are you?" you asked them.

"I am Ruki, livestock, and he is Kou "hey neko chan~" Kou called smoothly.

"And I'm Yuma" the tall boy said.

"I'm (Y/N) and I really have to get going" you looked back and saw Kanato in the distance.

You started walking when strong arms picked you up, it was Yuma and he was now holding you over his shoulder.

"You are coming with us" Ruki said as he and Kou disappeared, just as Kanato reached the place near you and Yuma, Yuma teleported causing your vision to go black.

You passed out once again.


~only fools wander the woods alone~


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