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17. ~Chapter 16 (part 2)~

"Stay the fuck away!!!" Subaru yelled as he stood in front of you.

Before the creature could say another word, it was consumed by a pillar of flames.

He picked your unconscious body up off the floor and teleported back to the castle.

---you awake in his room---

"Ugh.. Where am I?.." You slowly sat up, your head was spinning, are you dead? A loud banging noise echoed through the room.

"Oi! You awake yet!?" He slammed open the door, he was holding a large white bandage.

"You! Why am I here!?" You shrieked as you pulled the blanket up, realising you had no pants on.

"Because you have a bloody great bite mark on your leg and if I'd left you, you would've been killed and eaten!!!" He walked over to you and lifted up the bottom of the blanket, exposing your lower leg, and the bitemark.

"O-oh, thanks I guess.." You whimpered from the pain as he took off the bandage and re-wrapped your leg.

"Can you walk?" He tied the blanket around your waist, and held your arm so you could get up.

"It's not broken, which is good, my father and brothers won't be back until next week, so you can stay until you feel well enough to go".

"Thank you, you know, you're not half bad" you smiled at him, he turned away, a light pink blush dusting over his face.

"S-shut up! Just don't leave without telling me first. There's familiars guarding the castle grounds, and they'll kill whoever they deem an intruder, which means you. I'll go get your pants, they might be blood stained and ripped, but it's better than nothing" he left the room to go and get your pants from the washroom.

"Maybe there's a trapdoor in here somewhere.." You slowly got up and checked under the rugs, nothing but hard wood floor boards.

Just as you were checking the window locks, the door opened yet again..

"The hell are you doing!?!?" Subaru yelled as he barged into the room, your pants in his hand.

"Looking for a way out!".

He stormed over to you, his eyes glowed red as fear washed over you as your legs began to shake.

"Did you not listen to what I said!! The familiars will kill you!!!" He picked you up and put you back on the bed. "Here!" He gave you your pants, "now stay put!" He left the room again.

"Hey (Y/N)!" A familiar voice called out to you, when you turned to face the window, your brother was on the balcony, "let me in, they're sniffing the air!" He shout whispered.

You quickly opened the window doors and let him in, he picked you up and went back out, quickly climbing down and over the wall into the surrounding woods.

"We need to hurry, The spell is tearing up the streets, houses are falling down, demons are everywhere!

(Italics aren't working right now)

"What are we supposed to do? He has the book on his person, if we go near, he'll kill us!" You looked over to the town, fire was everywhere, the roads had been tipped almost vertically into the sky and a pack of demon hounds were tracking down survivors in the nearby woodland.

"Where's Natalie and Alice?"

"In a cabin a short way from here" he said as he picked you up again.

He walked for about an hour until you both came across a small well hidden cabin.

He opened the door and you both went in, he put you down on the couch.

"I know how we can fix all this and stop Karl" Alice said as she span around in her chair.

"How?" Daniel asked as he monitored the sky.

"We just have to destroy the book, simple really"

"How would that work..?"

"By destroying the book, all the spells cast would be gone, meaning all the demons would go, the random fires would go, the roads and houses would need re building, but that's a little sacrifice compared to saving the world from devastation.

"I'll go, I know how to get past his sons, and I'm small, so I can sneak".

After a few days of recovery and preparation, you set off for the burning town, knowing that Karl would not leave until there was little more than ashes left of the little town.

"What do we have here?~" an arm wrapped around your waist -obviously it was a he - and he breathed hot air into your neck, making you shiver.

"Off now!!" You kicked your leg back, hitting him in the nuts, and ran as fast as you could, too afraid to stop until you got to that town.

"I thought you were dead? No matter"

You turned around and saw him, the cause of all this damage.

"Hand over the book" you ordered, earring  light chuckle from him.

"Why should I?" He asked, in an amused tone of voice

"Because I'll kill you if you don't" you growled.

"You would have made a fun little toy for my sons, I would even have told them to be careful with you, no matter." You ducked as he ran at you, swiping the book from him and tearing out pages as you ran, being sure to tear each and every page into tiny pieces.

The screaming got quieter, the fires went away.

Alice was right, just one thing left to do...

But not now, killing Karl would have to wait until you were better prepared, it would be a fight from hell.



youd all returned back to the newly built base, the town had been rebuilt, and Karl had returned to his castle along with his sons


((I do not own any of the characters))

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