Diabolik Lovers X wolfgirl Reader


16. ~Chapter 16 (part 1)~

-------------------------------------------------------------Subarus POV----------


Your orders were to not hurt this one! *he punched the beast in the side of its ribs, a loud cracking noise tore through the night as his hand went straight through, his hand gripped the great beasts heart, a quick squeeze and crushed it.

Before the creature could fall to the floor, he hauled the creatures still warm, dead body, and you, back onto the roof so he could pry open its mouth, his mouth was watering at the smell of your blood.

"Ngh, foolish girl.." He muttered to himself as he pried open the beasts jaws, freeing your leg. he hauled you up further onto the roof and inspected your wound.

"I told him not to summon those fucking demons yet!!" he stomped a hole through the roof.


you both fell through. thankfully, he caught you before you hit the ground.

low growls came from the other side of the wall.

"Shit!.." He muttered to himself as he swiftly flung you over his shoulder and held you with one hand.

A shadow appeared in the window, it's dark, empty eyes glowed a haunting red and light red wisps fell from its mouth.

It leapt through the window.

"Master will be most pleased that I found her..."

The last words you heard before you passed out from blood loss

----------------------------------------------I know this chapter is much shorter than what I'd normally publish, but I don't want to cross wires chapter-wise, this one will be a two part chapter, so think of this as a teaser :3

(the whole Karl taking over the world thing will end pretty soon, I'll think of something else that can happen)


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