Diabolik Lovers X wolfgirl Reader


15. ~Chapter 15~

You heard Daniels shouts of protest as the guards dragged him to the dungeon, the yelling got quieter and quieter until you could no longer hear.


"Get off of me you bastards!!!!" You struggled to get free, sadly you only succeeded in making them hold you more tightly.

"Stop struggling. Or well put you in the dungeon too, and his majesty would not like that."

They threw you into a lavishly decorated master bedroom, the window drapes were dark red and gold silk, the walls were covered in white and gold heavy embossed wallpaper, the chandelier, oh the chandelier, it was beautiful, the gold metal work, the many gorgeous diamonds that adorned such magnificent metal work, gosh, this room was fit for a King!

"Ah, you're here." You quickly turn around and see him, the one with the book...


"I might ask you the same thing" you slowly walk towards him.

"Getting a little braver, are we?" He smirked down at you, suddenly he had his arm around your waist, you froze, was it fear? Or something else...

You felt his grip loosen after you froze, your plan was working, you slyly reached around and took the book, then you jumped back, and ran.

God, you ran as fast as you could, you needed to get to the dungeon and save your brother.

You slipped.

Your knee, bleeding beneath the leg of your jeans, was attracting unwanted attention, you ran faster, thankfully, right as you were about to pass out from exhaustion, you found the dungeon.

You quickly opened the heavy door and went inside, hastily locking it behind you, padlock, chains and all.

"Daniel?" You quietly called out, the fabric of your jeans getting wetter...

"What's that smell?" One of the guards asked.

"I don't know, I'll go look." You heard footsteps, you tried not to panic, suddenly, you turned into your wolf and taking advantage of the shadows, you slunk behind the guard.

You quickly jumped up and bit the back of his neck, killing him instantly.

The other guard backed away as he saw blood dripping down the spiral staircase, and a rather large wolf alongside it.

"The guards must only be half vampires, heh, do you want to run? Or do you want me to make it painless?" You asked, a slight growl in your voice as you approached the shaking guard.

"Run! She'll kill you if you don't!" Daniel shook the bars as he shouted, he knew it was you, the guard didn't.

You both took advantage of that.

(Brother sister teamwork is good, someday it'll save you from half vampire shitheads ( ^ω^ ))

The guard screamed and ran past you and up the stairs, a smack was heard as he slipped on the blood, more blood ran down the stairs..

"Quick! Grab the keys from the hook and let me out, before he comes!" Daniel pointed towards the keys, which you quickly took and put in the door.

He let himself out, and you both ran, away from Karl, away from the castle, away with the book.

(Or so you thought~ (^。^))

--------------------------------------------------- Back At V.A.P.U----------


"Did you get it?" Daniel asked as he was looking at the computer, more and more units were going off of the radar, he was getting more and more worried.

"Yes, here" you passed Daniel the book, "don't worry, everything will be fine" you comforted him as you wrapped the blanket around yourself tighter, it was getting colder outside, the rained turned to snow... "Why is the snow turning red?"

(And so it begins...)

"What?" Daniel looked up from the computer, and out of the window, it was obvious that he had begun to panic.

"Natalie, was there only one of this book?" He was trying not to shake as he put the screen on standby, he didn't need to let himself get scared, courage is very important in times like these.

Natalie went to the shelf and got a book on old spells, ancient wizards and warlocks, and world ending spells.

"Yeah, the seal was unforgeable, nobody could recreate it because ancient dark magic was used to craft it, hence why he was going to use it, why?"

She matched a picture of the seal to the seal on the book.

They didn't match.

"O-oh no.. W-we don't have the book"


"The seal is imperfect, this is a copy, dammit! He still has it!!!" She carefully put the book away.

"it's 4 hours to midnight, we need to get supplies, guns, ammo, and generators, quickly, we do not have time to waste!"

Daniel looked for food and water, You and Alice looked for generators, Natalie looked for weapons and ammo.

---------------------------------------------------Natalie's POV-----


She found a disused weapons shop and quickly went inside, guns lined the walls and boxes of ammo were locked away behind the counter, she bashed the glass counter in and filled a bunch of carrier bags with the various boxes of ammo, not forgetting a small handful of grenades.

She took as many guns as she could carry and made her way back with the ammo and weapons.

----------------------------------------------------Alice's POV------


Alice walked to and from nearby farms,  the snow was getting heavier, making the walks seem to take hours, thankfully, she found two small generators and a few canisters of petrol.

"Finally!" She disconnected the generators and grabbed the handles, picked up the petrol, and took them back to base.

----------------------------------------------------Daniels And your POV-------


A superstore or mall would be a good place to start looking, but we should grab a few suitcases too, so we can carry more food and water.

"You're right, but if we used backpacks, they'd be easier to carry, I think there's a few in the shop a few blocks over- duck!" He grabbed your arm, pulling you down behind some trashcans, a low growl came from the other side of the trashcan, and a horrific smell.

"Stay quiet, it'll move on soon".

It knocked into the bin, making it wobble, thankfully it didn't fall over, a few seconds after, the thing moved on.

Out of sheer curiosity, you stuck your head up and looked, it resembled a large dog, but you couldn't make out what it was, it's fur was too matted with blood and gore, it's overly long claws tapped on the ground with each step and it's fangs hung out of its huge jaws.

Suddenly, it turned around and looked you straight in the eye, and bared it's teeth.

It was running at you!

You quickly climbed on top of the bins nearby and onto the balcony of the building above.

It looked up at you, and began climbing.

You climbed onto the roof of the building and jumped over the roofs, deliberately going any other way besides the one back to base, you didn't want it to follow you, lest it kill everyone back at base.

BAM, you missed the roof ledge, slipping onto your front instead of your feet, you quickly turned over to face the roaring beast as it lept over the alley way.

Suddenly a portal opened and the great beast went straight into it, howling angrily as it went to the other side.

"Wh-what was that thing!!" you yelled as you backed further away from the edge and onto the roof, you grabbed onto the chimney and stood up and looked over the rooftops, smoke rising up, houses falling down, screaming was echoing through the streets below as people ran for their lives.

Your line of view was drawn towards a tall white haired man in dark purple and red robes, he was holding a book, behind him were 10 other men, each had a diffrent colour robe on, and they all looked vaugely familiar.

"Them!?" you accidentally yelled.

They all  looked at you.

(The one time I wouldnt want attention from them :3 xD)

You saw them talking amongst themselves and then the one in the white robes, disappeared.

"Where did he go?" you mumbled to yourself as you backed down the roof, being careful not to slip.

You heard a fizzing noise coming from the portal behind you, as you turned to look, the beast jumped out of the portal and straight at you!

As you went to jump over to the opposite roof, it sank its huge fangs into your leg, you screamed in pain as you fell onto your front, the smell of blood saturated the air as it soaked through your trousers.

your vision was going dark as your eyes fluttered shut, you couldnt stay awake any longer, you had lost too much blood...



you're hanging, unconcious, over the edge of a building.

the jaws of a great beast, deep in your leg.

will you survive?

find out in the next chapter (n.~*)

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