Diabolik Lovers X wolfgirl Reader


14. ~Chapter 14~

Shin pushed you against the wall, his knee between your unclothed legs.

"How should I take you.." he smirks down at you as the perfect idea comes to mind.

"Not at all!" you bark as you roughly shove him and he falls over, hitting his head on the brick wall, while he was dazed, you yanked open the door and slammed it shut behind you.

You were surprised to find what appeared to be a master bedroom.

"What is this place?.." you quietly asked yourself as you walked over to one of the many closets.

you opened the tall dark oak closet and found long robes of various colours.

you quickly took one of the robes and put it on.

"what is this place?" you asked yourself, you heard loud shouting coming from behind the door from whence you came, not wanting a fight to happen, you dashed to the other door, quickly moving out of the room.

"what are you doing here?" a deep voice asked from the shadows, before you could answer, something grabbed you from behind, your vision went black.

"I told you to catch her!" the figure stepped out of the shadows, he was clearly annoyed.

"but nii-san! she knocked me out..."

"nevermind, we'll collect her soon enough."


"ugh.. where am I?.." you rubbed the sleep from your eyes, suddenly somebody patted you on the head.

"hey sis, remember me?" the male voice said as he sat down in front of you.

"D-David? David!" you hugged your brother tightly, you barely recognised him.

"whats it been? two years?-" you interrupted him, "two years!? gosh, wheres Natalie and Alice? are they okay?" you look around the unfamiliar room "wait, where are we?" you asked as you got up and realised you were now wearing some ripped skinny jeans.

"you woke up a few hours ago and changed your clothes, you looked like you were sleep walking, so I don't think you remember doing that, do you?" Daniel asked as he stood up.

"also Natalie and Alice are fine, if you want to talk to them, they're downstairs, also I welcome you to the Vampire Activity Patrol Unit, V.A.P.U. for short, we monitor the activity of vampires around the world, well, our unit monitors this part of the world, from our base, we monitor the surrounding 90 miles of land, and parts of the sea, we're currently in the infirmary, you passed out when I grabbed you, also why were you at the castle that belongs to the Tsukinamis? don't you know they could have killed you?" David asked as he noticed the scars along the sides of your neck.

"I didn't have much of a choice to be honest, I was hiding from another group of vampires,  well, two groups of vampires actually, it started so long ago, I was in my room, there was a boy on my bed, I had no idea who he was, but I um.." you blushed a little "I felt drawn to him, like I was his or something, I think his name was Shu? then Natalie came into the room and she didn't see him, he had disappeared, that night, I woke up to the sight of a red haired vampire, who said his name was Laito,  sat in my window, I was able to escape from him, I climbed out the window and ran into the woods, I thought I had escaped.." you sighed "I was wrong, I was hiding in a tree when something pushed me off the branch, when I looked up I saw another red haired vampire who was called Ayato.."

you told David the rest of what happened to you in those two years you were gone.

"you're lucky to be alive, the Sakamakis and Mukamis are princes in the demon world, the Tsukinamis are first bloods, do you know what that means?"

"yeah, of course, do you know?"

David rolls his eyes at you and ruffles your hair, "I'll tell you later, right now you should go talk to Alice and Natalie, they've been worried sick about you.

"oh right!" you ran over to the door, realising you had no idea where they were, you stopped by the door and turned around "um, where are they..?"

"haha they're downstairs to the left, in the computer room, follow me" he walked to the door and opened it, he held the door open and let you through first.

(that's called being a gentleman (✿◠‿◠) )

"thank you" you smiled and looked down the stairs, "man, that is a lot of stairs.." your eyes lit up when you saw the banister rail "SLIDE TIME!!!!" you jumped onto the rail and slid down.

David ran down the stairs in an attempt to keep up with you, he failed.

(haha rail is the only way to go ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ )

seeing how fun sliding down the rail looked, he jumped onto the rail and slid down too, collision was inevitable.

( <('o'<)  baka! he should've waited haha )

"look ouuuuut!!!" he called down the stairs.

he was going too fast.


he landed on you at the bottom of the stairs.

"GET THE HELL OFF OF ME!!!" you barked as you shoved him off, Natalie and Alice ran into the hall after they heard all the commotion.

"whats going on here!- (Y/N)? is that you!? what happened? where were you!?" Natalie asked as she and Alice helped you up.

"I got kidnapped, I'd rather not talk about it again.."

"how did you get back here?" Alice asked

"David saved me, anywho, you okay bro?" you asked when you saw David propping himself up against the rail, clearly trying not to laugh.

"I-I'm fine, are you okay?" he asked after he had composed himself.

(I swear, I'd be laughing so hard if that happened, obviously I'd be pissed off that my bro had nearly squashed me! XD )

"ahem, we have bad news.." Natalie said, a look of sheer terror had come to her face.

"what is it?" David quickly asked, seriously concerned about his sister, "are you okay?"

"I-I'm fine, but I'm afraid the world wont be okay tonight.." Natalie was now shaking, she couldn't say anymore,  Alice hugged her sister and looked at David.

"they are planning an attack of sorts, the demon king has found an ancient spell book, he plans to use one of the spells to brink global chaos, he'll be 85 miles from here at midnight, the spell will be stronger because of the full moon, we have to stop him!"

David looked at his watch "the current time is 2am, we only have 22 hours until midnight, we need to infiltrate the demon kings castle and find the book! hopefully he wont remember the spell, I think the one he found, if it has a spell that can do that, it is written in Latin, we have to find and take the book in less than 18 hours, if we fail to get the book, we must use those precious 4 hours to stock up on arms, food and water. I'll go find the book, its safer if you three stay back-"

you interrupted him again

"Hell will freeze over before I let you go to the demon kings castle on your own. I'll go with you." not waiting for an answer, you walked over to the computers and looked for the maps.

"fine, just don't get hurt or captured, we don't want to lose you again" David now stood next to you, he touched the screen on the computer and a map of the 90 miles V.A.P.U. monitor, he clicked a few more buttons and the map zoomed in on a certain area, you saw the name of said place.

"the demon lords castle" you read the name aloud, not liking the way it sounded, "that sounds like a bad place, couldn't we send a familiar to fetch the book?"

"I'm sure, if we could, I'd've sent one when Alice notified us of the turn of events" he looked closer at the map, "it looks like theres an underground river that leads up to the castle, we could sneak in using that, also we'll have to give you some perfume or something to cover up your scent, otherwise it'll increase the risk of us getting found, worst case scenario, his guards would find us immediately  and we do not want that to happen. I'll be right back, stay here and do not click anything." David left the room to go look for some strong smelling perfume.

your curiosity got the better of you and you started to wander around the computer room, a loud ringing noise caught your attention, it looked like somebody from the military was trying to contact this unit.

"David! somebody is calling on the computer call system!" you observed the picture on the screen, it said V.A.P.U. in large blocky letters on the screen.

"I'm coming!" David ran into the computer room, he quickly handed you a large bottle of rose perfume. "use as much of that as you can, also be quiet until I say you can talk, this must be the commander of the American Division of V.A.P.U." he pressed the accept call button "Daniel of the England V.A.P.U. division speaking sir!".

"haha is that what you call yourselves now?" a familiar voice said over the call.

"who is this?" David asked as he traced the call, muting it for a second he said "this isn't the commander, and you look like you know this guys voice" he unmuted the call.

"you'll find out who this is soon enough, unless she tells you.. oh, and don't bother trying to call back, the American Division of "V.A.P.U." is no more." the voice laughs sadistically and hangs up.

Daniel tried to call back, the number had been made untraceable by whoever was on the phone.

"dammit! oh god, look" he points to the list of V.A.P.U. unit call numbers that are going on the uncallable list.

"they are destroying the patrol units all over the world! we need to go and get that book, now!" he puts on his gear and before he drags you out of the back door, he tells Natalie and Alice to not let anybody in or out of headquaters.

"its a few miles this way, we must hurry" you both ran through the back alleys and eventually you both came across the river, it led out of a tunnel.


"I warn you, do not slip or cut yourself on anything, blood will draw them to us" he held your arm as you both walked beside the river, it was cold, damp, and you smiled with joy when you saw a dim light coming through what looked like a metal trapdoor.

you quickly go underneath the trapdoor and push up against it with all your strength.

"it wont budge" you whisper to Daniel, he looks up at the trapdoor and notices a small padlock.

"theres a padlock holding it shut, wait, look!" he points to the key on the wall about 5 metres away.

"I'll get the key" you cautiously walked over to the wall where the key was, you ran your hands over the wall, checking for any alarms that might go off, happy that there weren't any alarms, you slowly lifted the small key from the hook.

you jumped when a loud siren went off.

"shit!" you put a small piece of chain on the hook, thankfully its weight was just enough to reset the alarm.

"do you think anybody heard that?" you asked David as you gave him the key.

"I hope not" he tried to put his hand through the bars, the gaps were too small.

"wait, maybe I can fit my hands through" you took the key from him and put your hand through the grate on the trapdoor, swiftly unlocking the padlock.

"its open, lets go." Daniel said as he pushed open the heavy trapdoor, being careful not to let it bang on the floor.


------------------------------------------------Guards POV-------------------------------------------------


"what was that?" one of the guards said as he looked around.

"I think that was one of the alarms"

"duh, tell me something I don't know"

"don't be rude, which one was it?"

"It might've been the new one that his majesty put in the tunnel below the dungeon"

"should we go look?"

"nah, if it is, whatever it is will have to come through here anyway, we'll wait for It to come to us"


------------------------------------------------------Your POV---------------------------------------------------------


"god, this looks like a dungeon- oh my god.." you go pale as you notice a dead body chained up in one of the cages.

"that poor girl, I cant imagine the things he mustve done to her" he sees you, suddenly hugging you.

"come on, we cant stay down here" he helps you walk up the spiral stairs that go up from the dungeon.

"we'll have to stay in the shadows, we must not get caught, it'd be best if we don't talk until its safe, okay?" Daniel looks down the hall.

"okay" you whisper to Daniel, you both quietly walk through the maze of hallways, being careful not to get lost, suddenly Daniel stops, you accidentally bump into his back.

he points down the hall, there are two guards in crimson robes.

he changes direction and goes down the hall next to him, noticing that we now stand outside the library, he stops again.

"we'll look in here first, it'll most likely be out on a reading altar" he checks his watch "it is now 6am, we need to move faster." he slowly pushes open the library door just enough for both of you to fit through.

after about an hour of searching, you see a thick old book that looks like its bound in human skin, sitting on the bottom of a smallish bookshelf.

"I think I've found it!" you sneak over to the book and pick it up.

Daniel looks at it, instantly recognising the title.

"this isn't good" Daniel opens the book, and notices a page is bookmarked.

"o-oh god.." the page that was bookmarked is the page with the spell his majesty is going to use.

"what does that spell do?" you asked as you tried to look over his shoulder, for some reason, he wouldn't let you see the page.

"it brings on what could be considered the end of the world" Daniel hesitantly says as he puts the spellbook into his backpack.

a loud creak is heard, somebody has entered the library.

"who is in here?"

Daniel quickly puts his backpack back on and drags you behind a bookshelf.

"there must be another way out of here.." he runs his hand over a particularly dusty bookshelf, he pulls on one of the books and a small opening appears between the shelves, he quickly goes into the passage way and drags you in behind him, soonafter, the bookshelves move back together.

you both walk for what seems like a mile, eventually you look down and see a bed.

"if we can open this grate, we can jump down onto the bed" you grab the grate and lift it up.

"hey, whys this grate hinged?" Daniel asks as it swings open.

"I don't know, maybe its used as an emergency escape, although I didn't see a button on the inside of the bookshelves, could be storage?" you jumped down onto the soft bed, you quickly moved so that Daniel didn't squash you.

"shh! somebodys coming!" Daniel gives you the backpack and pushes you back up into the passage way "stay quiet!" he closes the grate below you and he goes out onto the balcony.

"hm, theres that scent again.." someone says as they enter the room "whats this?" he goes over to his bed and flattens the covers, the smell of Roses captures his attention.

you mentally scold Daniel for giving you a shit ton of rose perfume to use.

"come out come out wherever you are..."

you quickly move backwards into the darkness of the passage way, hoping he wont see or hear you.

"what was that?" he asks as he opens the balcony door.

you froze, hoping he didn't know you were there.

"nothing, maybe it was one of my guards who took the book" he shuts the balcony door and leaves the room, locking the door behind him.

Daniel opens the grate and helps you back down.

"what do we do if he comes back?" you ask as you give Daniel his backpack, "and I think he smelld the perfume you gave me to cover my scent".

"not good, we need to leave, now. the balcony is open, come on" he opens the balcony door and leads you out onto the balcony, he quickly drops a rope down.

"its a long way down, and theres only one harness, I'm giving it to you" he helps you put the harness on and clips you onto the rope, then he helps you over the edge of the balcony "go slowly, do not fall".

when you reach the floor below, Daniel climbs down the rope.

"we need to go-" Daniel is cut off by someone else talking.

"go where?~" a voice chimed and Daniel quickly turned around.

"what are you doing here!?" Daniel asks as he puts you behind him, hiding you from Kou.

"I'm here for the book youre stealing~, its in your backpack, no?~"

"what book?" Daniel lied.

shit, how did he know that they had the book?? no matter, it was too late now, before either of you knew it, Ruki had taken the book from the backpack, sadly, Daniel didn't know it was gone from the backpack.

Ruki nodded to Kou and they both disappeared, a cold blast of wind blew along, nearly blowing you and Daniel over, Rain was on the horizon.

"we need to hurry back, that rain will probably hit in about thirty minutes!" unable to find the river, you both ran along the small road that led to town.

"Natalie! open the door!" the door opened and we rushed inside.

the rain hit.

"thank you, we got the book, its in my backpack, we need to put it in the safe" Daniel gives the backpack to Alice.

"I'll do that, you check on the list, more have become uncallable." Alice told Daniel as she opened the backpack, she froze when she saw what was inside "oh god, Daniel the book isn't here!".

"what! oh no" he checks his watch.

"only 17 hours left.." he looks out the window, seeing the rain bounce off of the glass, the endless stretch of clouds covering the morning sky, the glare of the sun coming through the clouds hit his eye and he quickly looked away.

"do we have time to go get it back?" you asked, quietly, thinking of where the waterproofs might be.

"he'll know that we'd be looking for it, so he would just carry it with him.." David sighed, you didn't like seeing your brother sad.

"we could trick him into giving it to us" You lit up, knowing that was a good idea.

"its the only plan that could work, David" Natalie says as she gets two waterproof suits, "put them on, you'll get cold, but the water wont get you wet, well, except for your heads".

you and David put on the waterproof suits "well, I have to say I do look hot in this" you observed yourself in the mirror.

David rolled his eyes at you "come on, we don't have long" he drags you outside and you both run to the castle.

"brrr, its colder out, I hope it doesn't turn to hail".

(it'll turn to hell in a few hours (─ ‿‿─) )


you came across the river tunnel "we cant go that way, he'll have put guards in the dungeon and in the tunnel, we should go through the front door, he wont be expecting that!" you ran over to the front door of the castle and shoved it open, you peeked your head around the door.

"clear, come on David!" you called your brother as you quietly entered the castle.

"look!" I point to the guy with the really long hair, he is walking towards us.

"hello, I was wondering who was skulking around my castle at noon, I know what you are here for, and you wont get it until I'm finished with it" he held up the book and waved it about, you tried to grab it but when you jumped for it, arms wrapped around your waist and held you off the floor.

"don't attack his majesty!" the guard tightens his arms around you, making you cry out in pain.

"don't hurt her!" Daniel shouted as he shot the guard in the knee, making him drop you.

"thank you!" you ran over to Daniel and stood behind him.

"seize them!"

the guards grab both of you and they drag Daniel down to the dungeon and you upstairs.



the next chapter might be a karl lemon, if it is, I cant promise it'll be good, because I do not like Karl, but I will try my best ^^

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