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12. ~Chapter 12~

When you awoke, laito was straddling you and he was holding a purple bottle.

"Nufu~ drink this, little bitch~" he grabbed your chin and forced open your mouth, then he made you drink whatever was in that bottle.

You coughed "w-what was that?!".

"One of my brothers potions~".

"What does it d-" you fell asleep.


----------------a few hours later----------------------------------------------------------------------

You woke up in the living room, Shu holding you from behind and Reiji standing near the phone, they must've gotten it fixed.

"no! she is staying here and you cant take her!" reiji slams down the phone, needless to say, it breaks again.

"it's them again" Reiji sighs as he sits down on the small chair next to the phone table.

"the Tsukinamis?" Ayato questions as he stands up and walks towards the window, looking at the rising moon and the bats that are flying across the sky, in front of the moon, creating a silhouette, the bats, now black shadows swarming across the dark midnight sky.

"yes, they are after her" Reiji pushes his glasses back up his nose and then he too, admires the bats and sky.

"whats all this talk of the Tsukinamis!?" You demand as you get out of Shu's grip.

"They are the first bloods, vampire like creatures far stronger than us, and they want their bride.".

"Their bride?" you question Reiji, thinking of a way to escape while butler boy is distracted.

"Yes, their bride, they were going to take you while you slept-" Reiji gets cut off by Ayato.

"They ain't getting her! she belongs to oresama!" ayato smirks at you, "and she knows it.".

A faint blush dusts your face, remembering what happened a few nights ago.

"I don't belong to any of you! and I'll be leaving now." you run towards the window and you quickly open it, ayato makes a dash for you, but you're out of the window and into the woods before ayato could say takoyaki.

"Foolish girl!" Reiji looks out of the window, trying to spot you, but he fails to find you.

Ayato shoves Reij, and then he looks out of the window.

"Where did she run off too?!" ayato slams the window shut.

"Maybe we can follow her scent~" laito says as he sits himself down into a chair.

"In that storm? I don't think so." Ayato huffed.

------------------------------------------------------------------------in the woods--------------------------------------------------------------------------

You ran as fast as you could through the sodden woods, water pouring from the skies, soaking your clothes.

"It would be a bad idea to stay in these soaking wet clothes, I wonder if I can make myself transform yet".

You kneeled down onto the wet leaves and grass, thunder boomed in the skies above as you chanted; "she wolf, she wolf, power unto me, transform me into my inner beast!".

You felt yourself changing, fur sprouted, claws grew, you'd finally done it, you'd transformed into a wolf.

"I did it" you smiled to yourself as you began running through the woods.

You heard a loud howl in the distance, startled, you sat down and perked up your ears, the howls got louder as they sounded like they were getting closer.

Soon after, barks were heard amongst the howls and you saw a set of yellow eyes.

The eyes disappeared into the hedge and you backed away.

"Who's there!?" you barked.

All you got was a bark in reply, as you were backing away, you backed into a tree.

Suddenly something jumped out of the hedge at you, pinning you down onto the wet mossy floor.

You looked up and saw yellow eyes looking down at you.

A strawberry blonde wolf stood over you.

"Who are you?!" you barked at the wolf as you tried to shove him off.

"Your new master, bitch.", he said as he glared sadistically down at you.

"Good, you caught her.", another wolf emerged from the undergrowth,

"You're not my master." you growled at the wolf above you.

He ignored you as he leaned down and bit the back of your neck, he then proceeded to drag you along the ground, he was walking too fast for you to regain your balance.

"LET ME GO!" you barked loudly as you thrashed about, trying to get him to let go.

"No, Now I advise that you come quietly, or we will not be held responsible for what will happen." He monotonously said as he began walking through the woods, the other wolf leading the way.

------------------------------------------------------------------------Sakamaki POV-----------------------------------------------------------------------

"She wasn't in the woods." Ayato said as he plonked back into his chair.

"WHAT?!" Subaru bellowed as he punched the wall.

"Subaru, get a punching bag or something, just stop hitting the walls.' reiji calmly said as he took another sip of tea.

"Do you think... they got her?..." shu lazily asked as he turned his mp3 down a little.

"Now you mention it, it did smell like dog there, and wolves haven't been here for years." Ayato said as his attention was drawn to a jay that was flying in front of the living room window.

The sun was rising, the hunt will begin soon.


-------------------Your POV----------------------------------------------------------------------------

All you saw were four stone walls and a steel grate.

They had taken to what you believed to be their castle.

"LET ME OUT!" you shouted as you shook the steel bars.

"No, now be quiet." a white haired boy appeared before you on the other side of the grate.

"Who are you?" you asked as you covered yourself with one of the fur blankets in your cell.

"Your master" was all he said.

"You're not my master, and you never told me your names." you cocked your head sideways as you awaited his reply.

"I am Carla Tsukinami, and my brother is Shin Tsukinami." he said as he reached to his belt and got a set of keys.

"Why am I here?" you timidly ask, the fact that you were locked in a stone cell was getting to you.

"Afraid, are you?" you noticed a tiny smirk on his face.

"No." you replied, shaking the feeling of fear from yourself.

"You should be." he unlocked the steel door and grabbed you by the neck.

He pushed you against the wall, you whimpered quietly as you saw him hold up a collar and chain.

He put the collar around your neck as he let go of your neck, when he had fastened the chain, he gave it a hard tug, making you fall to the floor, bruising your knees on the hard stone floor.

"Teaching our new pet some tricks?' a chuckle came from the doorway to what looked like stairs.

Carla didn't answer, he just pulled on the chain again and dragged you out of the cell.

You quickly grabbed the fur blanket and tied it around yourself, you didn't want to be exposed to them.

"Can I play with her when you're finished?" a boy who you assumed to be his brother, appeared next to Carla.

"When I am finished, yes." Carla pulled on the chain and dragged you over to the stairs.

----------------------------------------------------------------------Mukami POV-------------------------------------------------------------------------

"I heard neko chan ran away from the Sakamakis, and that the Tsukinamis are after her~" kou said as he pranced into the kitchen, for it was dinner time in the Mukami household, and everybody was gathered in the kitchen.

"From the smell of wolves in the woods, I think they got her." Ruki said as he sat at the table and began eating.

"This may be.. our chance.. to get her back..." Azusa said as he slowly picked at his dinner.

Yuma reached for the prawns at the same time as kou, there was only one left in the bowl, shit was going to go down.

"I REACHED FOR IT FIRST!" Yuma bellowed as he shoved Kou's mitt away from the bowl, only to fall over a few seconds later, Azusa, seeing his chance, grabbed the prawn and ate it.

Ignoring the glares from his brothers, he went back to picking at his dinner.

"Now that little fiasco is over, yes Azusa, now is the perfect time to get her back." Ruki quickly finished eating and when his brothers had finished, they all tidied up the dining room and they all went into the living room.


------------------Sakamaki POV---------------------------------------------------------------------

"The Mukamis will seize this chance to try and get her for themselves.' reiji said as he grabbed his jacket.

"What are you doing?" Ayato asked, a puzzled look on his face.

"Going to find her, and you are all coming with me.".

They all got their coats and went out into the woods.


------------------Mukami POV-----------------------------------------------------------------------

"We will get ready now" ruki said as he prepared for a long walk through the woods.

His brothers got ready too, and they all left the mansion and approached the woods.


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Sorry about the reeeeeeally long delay with this chapter, and I'll try to get back to updating every fortnight.

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