The dinner

Natalie is new to town. In no time at all she has a apartment, job and friends, everything is perfect except Natalie is living the life of a girl that was recently murder. Natalie must solve the murder in order to save herself from the same fate.


4. You, me, Chinese food?


Natalie opened the shower door, the water covered her in thick blanket of warmth and security. She stepped out feeling calm and refreshed. Wiping down the mirror that was steamed up, she brushed her teeth and put up her hair before leaving the bathroom.

Natalie contemplated what to wear for her "take away date" with Tom. She held options up against her self in the bedroom mirror. She tried long sleeved low cut tops and short sleeved cropped tops. She tried on a variety of leggings and jeans. Natalie finally settled on a burgundy low cut shirt and some dark blue jeans. She created a subtle yet elegant curl wither straighteners and applied her make up. Natalie was so busy getting ready she had let the Halen's situation go out of her mind. It was a nice release for her. 

Natalie jumped in the air, the buzzer had rung setting her completely on edge, she rushed to finishing off her look and ran to the door. Natalie held down the buzzer "who is it". "It's me" Tom replied. Natalie smiled and buzzed him in. She glanced at the time, 6:40. "He's early" she thought.

Natalie took a breath, she reassured herself "just a casual take away amongst friends, you look great, you got this" and opened the door to Tom. He was wearing his work casual, a black shirt with two buttons undone and some black jeans. Natalie looked at him, she smiled and without even thinking she grabbed the take out bag and ran to the couch laughing, she sat on the couch and peered over at Him. 

Tom smiled back and came to sit down next to her, whilst eating Natalie decided it would be a good time to have a chat. “Tom, are you and Sue still ...," "No, it's unprofessional."Tom interrupted "Well we have been."he continued. Natalie was confused "so you are?”, "We were, when Sue kissed me, you witnessed the end of something. We never actually dated, we work a lot and were in business together. Doesn't leave much time for dating.” Tom confessed. Natalie looked at him full of confusion. “So let me get this straight, you occasionally sleep with your business partner when you have an itch you cant scratch?” “It’s not like that!” Tom insisted. 

Toms cell phone started to ring, Tom jumped up. "Hello, I can't right now, I'm at that meeting I told you about. Get Katie to help you close up, tell her I'll add it to her pay. Okay, bye Susan.” Tom sighed "I'm so sorry about that". Natalie looked at Tom, "Some meeting,"Natalie, I" Tom interrupted. Natalie stopped him " no, you lied. Why did you lie? Is it me? Susan, its Susan isn't in! Well, that's fine Tom I promised myself I wasn't getting caught in someone else's affairs. Tom took her hand " it's not, you're not..." Natalie pulled away her hand, she walked to the door and opened it, "I think you better go”.


Natalie opened the door, she didn't say anything, she stood still holding the handle, not braking eye contact with the floor. She allowed the gesture to speak for its self. Tom walked to the door, “Natalie, I'm sorry I upset you and I hope this doesn't get in the way of work, I know your angry at me right now. But I'm here for you, as a colleague and hopefully as your friend.” Natalie looked at Tom and then returned to looking at the floor. Tom exhaled “I guess i’ll see you tomorrow then. Twelve till ten pm”. Natalie closed the door behind Tom. She decided today had been enough and stormed into her room. Natalie took off her make up and began to undress. She sat on her bed and tried to process her day. Natalie found herself filled with frustration, she combed her fingers through her hair and got into bed.


If only she had know that she wasn't alone.

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