The dinner

Natalie is new to town. In no time at all she has a apartment, job and friends, everything is perfect except Natalie is living the life of a girl that was recently murder. Natalie must solve the murder in order to save herself from the same fate.


1. Prologue

Helen retrieved her things from the "staff room" or rather the slanted hooks towards the back of the kitchen above the garbage. She walked towards the kitchens fire exit adjusting her leather coat, she had long flowing blond hair and was very dainty. Helen didn't have much in the way off money but she got by. Her mom and dad died in a car accident when she was four, Helen bounced care homes until she was sixteen when she finally got adopted by a loving family who lived just outside Palm Springs.  Helen would never take money from them after she moved to New York, she wanted to be a dancer. Helen was only eighteen but was determined. As she alerted her boss that she was taking off. Helen would rather tell him well she was half way out the door then in his office as he was what Helen  liked to call a  "horn dog". If he wasn't making dirty  remarks he was touching her inappropriately, Sam her boss was sweaty and a poor excuse for a man who smelt like there was mould growing in the creases of his fat and he never failed to have stains covering his vest, his stubbly beard went hand in hand with his shaggy hair and stained yellow teeth. Helen always felt full of disgust from just seeing him, she could hardly contain her vomit when he went near her.


Helen lived in down town New York not to far from the diner she worked at, the diner was popular to the locals but far from classy, it was run down and poorly lighted. Towards the side of the diner was the car park which was surrounded by crusty hedges. In the far back corner was a small ally way that lead to more connecting ally's that could take you anywhere down town in half the time but was twice as dangerous. The ally was a constant source of horror stories and legends about robbers,murders and stalkers which scared most locals including Helen. She was heading for the bus stop when she spotted a group of lads, she could tell they where high and drunk. Helen had a phobia of drunk people and couldn't bring herself to walk past them. Normally in this type of situation she would wait for one of the girls to come out but they had all left, and only Sam remained inside. She crept back towards the back of the dinner making sure the gang did not see her. She fearfully scattered further back when she saw Sam exit the dinner and lock the side door. She tried to creep away and hide behind one of the bins until he was gone but snapped her heel on a hard rock. The heel made a very noticeable crack, she gasped, assuming the gang members had heard her but they had not, unfortunately Sam had heard something and lurked over in that direction. She had no time to weigh out her options and hobbled off down the ally.


Helen released her feet from her now broken cheep shoes and continued down the ally. The ally was separated into parts by quiet roads. The ally was pretty typical with leaky drains, puddles, flickering lights and the occasional homeless slob resting on cardboard and dressed in clothes clearly not meant for his gender. Helen walked on she could feel the path making holes in her stocking as her feet began to feel wet. She was about four sub-sections of ally from her apartment when she felt the un-easy presence of someone behind her, of course she turned around and of course she could see no one. Helen went straight in to panic mode and speeded up, she didn't want to run as she would risk alarming who ever was following her. 


The road to her apartment was in sight so she took the chance and ran straight to the downstairs door searching her keychain for the right key and shaking it in the door. As she got in side she slammed it behind her and ran upstairs to her apartment door, when she finally got inside she bolted her door and slid down to the floor. Helen gathered herself and checked the messages on her landline. Nothing. She shock her head in acceptance. Grabbing a diet coke from her fridge and went into the bathroom to run the bath. Helen's apartment was not a nice place it had mould growing in the corners and the water coming from the sink was more brown then it was clear, the plumbing always needed repairs and new cracks appeared on the ceiling regularly. Helen sank into the bath fidgeting until she found the most comfortable position. She was drifting off when she heard an unsettling sound of a man shouting her name. She jumped up and out of the bath, put on her robe and ran towards the window to investigate. There she saw Sam shouting and waving at the window. She couldn't make out what we was saying so she closed her curtains and then went into the bedroom and did the same. She felt relived and creeped out that it was him following her and not a criminal. Sam was a creep but he was mostly harmless. She turned off the bedroom light and settled down into bed. Hours passed as Halen slept blissfully the block of apartments was silent and peaceful. Until the violent screams off Helen awoke the building. 

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