The dinner

Natalie is new to town. In no time at all she has a apartment, job and friends, everything is perfect except Natalie is living the life of a girl that was recently murder. Natalie must solve the murder in order to save herself from the same fate.


3. Helen who?

Tom and Katie took Natalie into the office and sat her down. Katie sat next to Natalie "Halen worked here for a couple of weeks, she was a nice girl. We usually got the bus together but she was working late so I left without her. I should of waited, I was so tired" tears filled Katie's eyes "she left around 3am.. And she died around 5am. When the police arrived she was already dead, the weapon was never found. The earring you found was the earring she wore the day she..".  Jane entered "the day she died, the missing earring was one of their main leads in the case. The police thought that maybe the killer took it, or it fell out in a struggle. They swept the whole apartment, and you found it on the floor?" Natalie was so overwhelmed, "I don't know I had been moving things around all day it could have fell out of anywhere. I can't believe Sue rented me an apartment someone from where I work died in." Kate looked to Jane "she only just bought it, she may not have known. Natalie looked to Jane "pretty big coincidence". Tom didn't own the dinner back then and Sue wasn't here then ether, Sam owned the dinner. He was a pig, rotten to the core. He was sexual towards us all but it was clear he wanted Halen the most, when she died he left. Tom took over and did the place up, Halen's case is still open and now here we are." Jane explained.


Natalie was confused and scared to go home. She excused her self to the bathroom and called her dad. "Dad I'm in New York, you haven't called in a while and I.. I just wanted to here your voice". Her dads voice was filled with disinterest "Natalie, I.. I can't talk right now. I'll come see you soon, were are you staying I'll make a note". "Erm it's an apartment block downtown, apartments block 529 I'm in 4b. I'll email you directions" Natalie added. "Sure sweetie,sure" he said before he hung up on her.

Natalie returned to the office grabbed her bag and ran out, before anyone could stop her.


Natalie locked her apartment and went into the bathroom to get a shower. The water was barely hot but tolerable. Natalie closed her eyes,the water was steamy and warm, her apartment was falling apart and the crime scene of an unsolved murder. Natalie was brought back to reality when she heard the door buzzer. She put on her dressing gown and went to the door. She clicked the intercom "hello,who is it please". "It's me. Tom. Erm I came to see if you were okay." Tom answered back. Natalie took a breath "I'm fine Tom, really I am", " can I come up?" Tom asked. Natalie sighed "sure". She buzzed him in. She went into the bedroom and put on some shorts and a baggy jumper. Tom knocked on the apartment door. "Come in" Natalie shouted as she walked back out of her bedroom. Tom smiled at her "I know it's late, but I wanted to see if you were okay. You ran out on us. I had to finish up at the dinner. But I thought it would be best if I came to check on you." Natalie smiled. "I'm okay, I am really. I mean sure I'm confused and a little shocked, but you don't need to worry about me. I'm only going to stay in this apartment as long as I have to, look it's almost five. The sun will be up soon and I need to get some sleep before work tomorrow". Tom smiled and went to the door "you know you don't have to come to work tomorrow,". Natalie smiled "trust me I would rather be there than here right now". Tom opened the door and looked back to Natalie "your on the morning shift tomorrow, there's no way you're going home alone at night , okay? I'll see you then". He closed the door and left. Natalie squished herself up on her couch like a snail in it's shelf, she stared at the clock on her counter, 4:59. 

She waited. Scared to close her eyes, she wrapped herself in the throw blanket on the couch. Time passed, she look at the clock again, 6:49am sunrise. The sun shined down on Her face. The sunlight made her feel safe enough to sleep, Natalie closed her eyes, in that moment she felt so warm and protected that she drifter to sleep blissfully.


Natalie woke to her phone ringing, it was her dad. She picked up the phone rubbing her eyes, "Hi dad". "Natalie I just wanted to let you know that I won't be able to come see you for a couple of months, I'm going with Loral to visit her parents in Paris." Her farther replied. Natalie heard Loral in the background, "Darling the plane is boarding soon. Tell Nat I said hi, we really need to go." Her farther muttered to Loral and then said. "I have to go." Natalie signed, "Goodbye dad". She clutched her phone and dialled. Natalie took a breath. "mom". Her mom slurred, "Hi, Natalie where have you been, what time are you coming home." Natalie whimpered "I'm not, mom, don't you remember I moved to New York?" Her mom grunted "oh yeah, I guess I forgot. Well, I'm pretty busy so" Her mom cut off. Natalie wanted to cry but stop herself. She glanced up at the clock 7:34am, Natalie jumped to her feet she grabbed her uniform stuffed it in her bag. She brushed her hair, wet wiped her face and ran out the door to catch the bus down the road.


Natalie got to work, she checked her phone, 8:27am. Natalie ran round the back of the dinner through the kitchen entrance. She ran into Tom's office, " I'm really sorry, I couldn't..I over slept. I mean I'm really sorry, I'm so sorry." Natalie couldn't hold it back any longer. She dropped her bag on the floor and started to cry. Tom stood up from his desk and closed the office door. He took her by the shoulders and sat her down on a chair, he sat in the chair next to her. "What's the matter, is it about Halen?" Natalie sniffled " I couldn't sleep, I waited till the sun came up, it made me feel safe, I know its stupid but I was scared." Tom placed his hand on hers "it's not stupid, if you were scared you should have said, I would of stayed with you." Natalie looked at him " my dad called me this morning, then I called my mom. I don't know what's worse, having a dad who is to busy to come see me or a mom who's to drunk to remember I'm gone" Natalie started to cry again. Tom hugged her "it's okay, maybe you should just go home, your tired. Go home and I'll come over later with Chinese food. I'll close up for the morning shift and get Sue to close up for the nightshift. Okay?" Natalie smile at Tom "you don't have to do that". Tom stood up and opened the door for her "I want to. Me, you and Chinese food at 7 o'clock tonight." Natalie nodded, she gathered herself and left.

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