Violet is lost, walking down the road of self destruction and complete boredom, until she meets Amélie, the orange haired self-proclaimed queer punk in her art class, both begin to fill each others lives with an abundance of punk rock and anarchist values.


1. Pilot

I woke up to the sound of birds outside my window, rubbing my eyes I pulled off the covers and sat on the side of my bed, feet placed firmly on the floor. I couldn't remember a time where I'd woken up fully refreshed and ready for the day, all I could remember was feeling as though I hadn't slept for the 12 hours that I did. There was a sudden knock on my door and it startled me slightly,
"Yes?" I grumbled, rubbing my eyes for a second time,
"Are you awake, Violet?" my mum called, "Yes." I replied, sighing as to me it seemed pretty obvious that I was awake if I was responding, "You've got 20 minutes before you've got to leave." she said, voice slightly annoyed, "Yeah, I know." I spoke, rolling my eyes as I did. I stood up and moved towards my clothes chair - a chair with 2 feet of various articles of clothing strewn across it - pulling out random pieces and checking if they were clean. After 20 seconds of frantic rummaging, I found the t-shirt that I wanted to wear, along with a random bra that I'd picked up off of the floor and pulled out a pair of jeans from a drawer under my bed. I could feel my limbs aching already and I'd hardly even moved, the dread of my impending first day at college didn't help either. I only just had enough time to throw on some black eyeshadow and do my eyebrows before running down the stairs to pack my bag,
"You're wearing that for your first day at college?" laughed my younger brother, Corbin, in the midst of him shoveling cereal in his mouth, "Yes, yes I am." I mumbled back, sticking my middle finger in the air whilst leaving the room. I acted like I wasn't hurt by the comments, but when you're as sensitive as I was then it was a struggle. I looked down at my clothes, not noticing a problem with wearing a band t-shirt, ripped tartan trousers and combat boots to school. I looked in the mirror briefly before opening the door and leaving without having eaten anything, "What about breakfast?" my mum yelled, holding the door as I was about to close it, "What about it?" I called, halfway down the stairs from my house, "Aren't you having any?" she responded, "You know I don't eat before going out, I'll get something when I'm there. See you later." I said, running down the rest of the stairs and turning to walk down the path. 

After rummaging for my earphones and plugging them into my phone, I sat at the bus station, legs crossed and phone in lap. I looked up briefly to see a girl standing to the right of me, her hair was bright orange and short, her features delecate and pale, she was staring into the sky, eyes switching between all the clouds. She seemed transfixed, like she was looking for something, I couldn't think what. She was wearing a pair of slightly baggy jeans, rolled up at the ankles, a white t-shirt tucked into her trousers loosly and had a plain black backpack covered in badges, LGBTQ+, aliens and space being the main subject of the buttons. Suddenly I could hear my bus, the roaring of the engine getting nearer and nearer as I stood up. She was still staring at the sky when it stopped right in front of us, only turning to face it when the doors opened and people began to step off. I felt compelled to talk to her but my mouth remained tightly shut, I hoped and hoped that she'd talk to me first but she got onto the bus not saying a thing until asked where she was going by the driver. My heart sank and my head dropped, I couldn't speak to her yet I wanted to so badly, she'd hardly even looked at me, she walked away with a ticket in hand and I stepped forwards to pay for mine. After handing over the money, I looked to the back of the bus, hoping desperatly that she had sat on the bottom half of it but I couldn't see her anywhere, only the usual suspects, school kids and elderly folk. With my head down, I walked to the back of the bus and sat down, Nirvana blasting in my ears as the bus started to leave. 

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