beside you

this is a Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings story about two twins who move to Australia to move forward their dance career but then they meet the guys they could only have wished for.


2. "ok baby"

​(Stella POV)

    ​*in the morning*   I woke up to the sound of my sisters phone going off I don't think she heard it cause she is in the shower so I pick up her phone "its from Luke" I say under me breath so no one could hear. I click on his name and it comes up with everything they were talking about then I got to this one message that made me  smile a lot it was from Luke   Luke; I think Mikey really likes Stella he kept on talking about how beautiful she was and how he loved how they had so much in common. xxxx Symphony; I think Stella really likes Michael as well we could all meet up after our dance practise. xxxx Luke; we cant wait for that what time . xxxx symphony ; we finish at 10:35am we'll meet you at the beach .xxxx   I didn't know she was that close to Luke , "symph are you nearly ready dance starts in half an hour" I shouted through a locked door "yeah I'm just getting dressed, have you got your dance stuff on??" she asked me "no I'm getting it on the now" I shouted back to her   *after dance practise*   "well that was ok i guess" she said "it was ok i just miss our old team" i said "i do too but this team is better and more competitive and that's what we wanted" she said a bit louder now "are we just going home or..." "no we are going to the beach to see Luke and Michael and the rest of them" she said i already knew this but i didn't want her to know i went through her and Luke's messages "ok"   *we get to the beach*   "come on they said to wait were we where yesterday on the seats" she said pulling me arm "ok ok please stop pulling my arm" i said "sorry i jus..... I SEE THEM" she said leaving me and running towards Luke   *4 hours later*   i was at right beside Michael and the others were sat a little away from us "Mikey?" "yes" "do you want to go back to the hotel and order pizza or something" "ok will we tell them were we are going" "nah i will text me sister when we get back to the hotel" with that we get up and go to the hotel without anyone noticing us leaving   *when we get to the hotel*   "when will the pizza be here" he asked in a whining little kid voice which i found so cute "soon" is all i say "stellllaaaaa" "whhhhaaaattttt??" "cooooommmmmeeee hheeeeerrrreeee" i walk over to him who was sat on my bed "sit" says whilst pulling me onto his lap i put my legs around his waist and our eyes locked before i knew it we were kissing but it was interrupted by a knock on the door i stop the kiss and go get the pizza   *after we finish the pizza*   "Stella ??" "yes Mikey" "will you be my girlfriend??" "yes of course" he pulled me over to him  in excitement and kissed me god i love him so much   "does this mean i can call u cute names now?" he asked "of course" "ok kitten" he kissed me on the forehead "do you want to stay over tonight?" i ask not wanting him to leave yes i only met him yesterday but i loved him "sure" i could tell he was going to say more but then we both get texts through our phones "my sister is staying at ur place which means we wont be disturbed by her smart comments" i say he laughts "yeah L uke just texted me to see if i was staying with you or at our place"   *30 min later*   "I'm going to get my pjs on i'll be right back" i say as i get up and go over to the drawers my clothes are in " would it be ok if i just sleep in my underwear i don't have pjamas with me" he asked a little nervous "umm yeah sure i don't mind" i go to the bathroom door "i will be two minutes" "ok baby"                                                                  













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