Restricted Love

Lydia moves to Washington from Las Vegas. She was expecting a great senior year with her best friend Ellen at a new school. But then becomes trapped in a love triangle. Who should she choose? Should she choose at all? Every relationship has its up and downs, but whichever one she chooses it just means downs. Lydia realizes that whomever she chooses, it'll be restricted love.


2. You Have Arrived

*plane lands and now inside airport in Washington*






Me: "Jesus it's cold!"

Dad: "I told you to wear your jacket. Here I have your extra hoodie."

Me: "Thanks. So where to now?"  *looks around* 

Mom: "Let's go get something to eat since it's 4:30 pm. Come on I saw a great place we passed."

*Phone Dings*

Dad: "Hold on, I just got a text. Oh it's the moving people. They said they're on the way to the house and suggest we meet them there."

Mom: "Okay, well you should get the car so we can be on our way then."

Josh: "Wait what about food? I'm starving!!"

Me: "Josh chill...We'll get some food on the way."  *God can this kid like not think of food? I swear he may be 15 but he acts like an 8-year old*

Josh: "Oh alright then."

Dad: "Well that settles it. I'll get the car and you guys stay here. I'll be right back."

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