Restricted Love

Lydia moves to Washington from Las Vegas. She was expecting a great senior year with her best friend Ellen at a new school. But then becomes trapped in a love triangle. Who should she choose? Should she choose at all? Every relationship has its up and downs, but whichever one she chooses it just means downs. Lydia realizes that whomever she chooses, it'll be restricted love.


1. Moving Day!! -----Prologue

Moving Day is finally here!! I mean yeah I'm kinda sad that I'm moving away from my friends that I've known for a long time...but hey I'm moving to a new state! What do I have to lose?



"Your virginity!!" says my brain.


Sad, but true. I'm a 17 year old teen from Las Vegas who hasn't lost her virginity.

Yeah I know... but at my old school it seemed like almost everyone at my school had lost theirs and that's just something I don't want to deal with. My mom lost hers when she was my age and look where that got her. Well actually she did a pretty damn well job. My dad married my mom and didn't leave her or anything. They both worked really hard to get jobs and to buy a house and do all those responsible things parents do.

So yeah..just 17 year old Lydia Johnson who doesn't want to be like everyone else. Right now my family is moving from desert Nevada to forest-y Washington. I'm pretty nervous about moving because Nevada has been my only home. However, my 15 year old younger brother Josh is ecstatic about the move. He just hopes that his drum set won't be ruined when we get to our new home.





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