Restricted Love

LYDIA: |Good girl|Follows parents|Brave|Not afraid to make a stand|Loyal| Adam: |Bad boy| Doesn't listen|Follows his own rules| As their paths cross, 17-year old Lydia Johnson is told from the beginning to stay away from bad boy, Adam Robellero. But I mean come on...After just moving to a new state are you really going to start to hate?


1. Moving Day!! -----Prologue

Moving Day is finally here!! I mean yeah I'm kinda sad that I'm moving away from my friends that I've known for a long time...but hey I'm moving to a new state! What do I have to lose?



"Your virginity!!" says my brain. the fuck? Okay fine... ya got me. *sighs* I'm a 17 year old teen from Las Vegas who hasn't lost her virginity.

Yeah I know... but like almost everyone at my school has lost theirs and that's just something I don't want to deal with. My mom lost hers when she was my age and look where that got her. Well actually she did a pretty damn well job. My dad married my mom and didn't leave her or anything. They both worked really hard to get jobs and to buy a house and do all those responsible things parents do. So yeah...THAT HAPPENED. Back story on me: The name's Lydia Johnson. I'm 17 years old and currently moving to Washington state from Nevada. I'm part Italian, Filipino, and Caucasian. I have dark brown (almost black) hair and blue eyes. I have one younger brother, 15 years old, named Josh who loves to play the drums.


ANYWAYS... moving day!! I'm pretty hyped. The Fam and I are on our way to the airport right now actually. It's going to be my first time on a plane! Well wish me luck!!

TWITTER UPDATE:  Off to Washington my lovelies! I'll miss you Sin City! 😁


*picture of Lydia*


*GAHHH lol hi fam! This is my first story and this is totally nerve racking! Ok well hope you like my story fam! LOVE YA!*



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