The Tickler

This story is about a 18 year old guy named Frank Fischer. He is friends with a girl. The girl likes Frank. She also has a fetish for feet, and tickle torture. She wants Frank to be her next victim...


2. Meeting her

Right after math, I went to the dumpsters. She was there. She was Blond thin and had something behind her back. Math class was my last class, so I was about to go home. But, she said, "Come with me! I'm having a house party!" I was happy because I had nothing to do. She still didn't give me her name, though. But, she told me to call her "Night".

I said I would go to the party once I got changed. so I went home, got dressed, and then went to the party.

It wasn't a "party" though. She had me, herself and one friend, named Jen, there. She told me to wait in her room with Jen. there were no seats there so i sat on her bed. she came back with tape.

I didn't know why. I was, kinda, zoned out. Next thing I know, I'm tapped to her bed. She told Jen to take off my clothes! And after that, she had a bunch of tools.

I was worried. "whats going on!" I said.

"Oh, don't worry!" said Jen. Night licked my foot. I was really embarrassed.

She then licked my toes! I said "What the fuck?!" as loud as I could. 

She said "Oh, we are just getting started!" She then took a feather and tickled my feet! I was laughing so hard, I could barely breath. 

"You better love my feet, the way I love yours!" she said. 

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