The Tickler

This story is about a 18 year old guy named Frank Fischer. He is friends with a girl. The girl likes Frank. She also has a fetish for feet, and tickle torture. She wants Frank to be her next victim...


1. Meeting Her

It happened so quick. I was talking to my friend, Dan. He told me to join a chat room with this girl. We talked...

"So. Mr. Frank" she said. "What do you like?".

"I don't know." I told her, casually.

"No, silly! Like what are you into. like boobs, butts, or anything? or are you homophobic?" she asked.

"Oh... I guess I like... I like hot girls, I guess" I said nerviously.

"Oh, okay." she said. Then I left the chat room. Dan told me, she went to are school, Cranton High. She texted me "hey! meet me behind the dumpster, right after math class!" 

I replied "Okay.", not thinking, what, so, ever.

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