The Tickler

This story is about a 18 year old guy named Frank Fischer. He is friends with a girl. The girl likes Frank. She also has a fetish for feet, and tickle torture. She wants Frank to be her next victim...


3. Finished!

I ripped out of the tape. I remember I put a pocket knife in my pocket. So I grabbed my pants, put them on, and took out my knife all while they were trying to put me back on the bed. 

This guy came in. He yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY GIRLFRIEND!!!" He was Jens boy friend.

 I yelled "STAY THE FUCK BACK!!!" He tried to punch me. I moved over, and cut his arm. He was bleeding really bad. Then I saw Night reach for a... a, gun! So I was worried. I threw the knife at her.

Every one was looking at her. She dropped the gun. The knife, was sticking out of her shoulder.

She yelled "WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!" 

I said "CUZ I WANTED TO, BITCH!!!" And ran away. 

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