World's Apart.

A boy and a girl met in middle school. They weren't ready for each other at the time. But as the years went by, they graduate side by side and realize they are finally mature enough and their hearts never left each other. They spend the short time they have together before he is sent off to fight for the country, as she goes into school. Years go by and they stay in touch through writing they grow to fall in love. But he stops writing. She feels alone. They lose all contact. She can't let him go.


1. Dedication.

World's Apart is dedicated to a boy that I am falling for more and more everyday. He has been there for me for a very long time. I have held his heart close to me for years. Soon enough he will be leaving me for the Air Force. And our current relationship will be based on the trust we have built together, our key communication will be through letters. I am beyond proud of the man he is becoming. He has grown and matured so much over the years I have known him. I will be waiting here for him when he returns. (As you read the story please know he has helped with this whole process. And some of the letters are truly written by him.) Thank you for being my inspiration to write again, I love you Tristian Vincent Comfort.

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