Bipolar Story

Bipolar isn't something to joke about it is a serious subject. Read this short story to know exactly what it feels like.



Everything comes in waves and can last from a week to about 5 hours.

So many personalities and so much of a difference.

Sometimes I wear makeup on one side of my face and none on the other.

If anyone asks I explain to them.

The side of my face with the makeup shows my energetic, creative, 3 hour sleep side.

The one without shows my angry, depressed side.

The personalities hit you when your least expecting it.

When I'm energetic I basically bounce off the walls and get distracted by everything.

Some people might recognize this as a sign of ADHD.

In my creative personality I can draw and write like I couldn't before and it comes out amazing.

Sometimes I only need about 3 hours of sleep until I am fully rested.

When I get angry I lash out at everyone and sometimes I make my younger brother cry.

He doesn't know what's going on and I don't want to make it happen, but it does.

When I'm really sad I will cry a lot and sometimes even for the stupidest reasons.

Some people may recognize it as a sign of Depression.

If you think some of these sound fun it's really not.

It effects the people around you and yourself.

We always hear of physical disabilities and know when someone has some.

What you don't know people have are the mental disabilities.

Some of them show like Autism.

Some of them don't like Depression, ADHD, and even bipolar disorders.

Please be aware of mental disabilities not just the physical ones.

Be nice and be kind.

You never know what someone might be hiding.

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