Dempseys side effects

A story about how 115 effects the body of tank Dempsey the team badass and how he reacts to the sickness

Gruesome, horror, gross, do not read if you have a weak stomach


2. the sickness

We fought off another hoard today so were gonna go to sleep and I found my spot. Away from the others so they wouldn't see... My wounds. They aren't fatale but I can't risk them thinking I'm one of the meat bags. I keep waking up in the night throwing up, sweating profusely, at the end I blacked out. When I regain conciseness I was surrounded by meat bags they weren't looking at me they didn't even look at me or acknowledge me. I saw my skin had turned a deep grey and was cold to the touch my vision had turned yellow, and my fingernail had been turned into claws them I saw the pool. Of blood. My blood. Then it hit me. I am one of them. I slaughtered all of the zombies them my friends had seen what had become of me. The kraut looked at me and said "the 115 in your blood and system had activated once you died turning you into the perfect solider I had imagined." So I guess I am a meat bag but I am still. Me.

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