Dempseys side effects

A story about how 115 effects the body of tank Dempsey the team badass and how he reacts to the sickness

Gruesome, horror, gross, do not read if you have a weak stomach


3. the attack

The rage had bottled up after many hoards have been taken down by my claws. Then I snapped I tore my friends limb from limb out of anger and once I had realized what I had done the rage never left. I spent months ripping zombies to shreds without hesitation. Then I began to feast upon them I consumed my brethren out of sheer hunger. It... rejuvenated me. Made me stronger than before. Then I moved from country to country In a matter of minutes killing innocent people and feasting upon them my hunger was infinite and no one could take me down. The most fun I had was when I tore into a prison feasting upon the warden, guards, and the prisoners oh the prisoners those guys think they are so fearless they don't know how it is to wake up and realize you died and turned into the thing you despised most or how it feels to know that you were the one to tear your own friends apart.

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