Dempseys side effects

A story about how 115 effects the body of tank Dempsey the team badass and how he reacts to the sickness

Gruesome, horror, gross, do not read if you have a weak stomach


5. I can't take it anymore

I have fought for years the world has reached a great triumph we sent Americans to the moon we went into the year 2000 the zombies left and died off and never came back. I was forgotten again but this time I didn't go into a blind less rage I understand why I was forgotten. I have slaughtered many innocent people and have eaten them without mercy. Out of guilt I kept the krauts most favorite weapon he called it boomhilda. That will be my way to freedom. I'm sorry my friends for all that I have done (gun cocks) I'm sorry for hurting you (cries quietly) but I don't give up (gun fires) and I never will.

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