Jacob is an unique 19 year old boy. He doesn't have many friends, he's not close to his family whatsoever, and most interestingly, he's basically immortal because of an incident which happened years ago. Jacob hates his unique ability and tries to discover a way to escape his misery caused by his abilities.
!! Warning !! Talks about some disturbing topics such as suicide, abuse, etc. If you are sensitive to these topics, please do not read


2. Hostility

As I walk out the front doors of the school, I see a dark shadow strolling by me. "Couldn't last the whole day again, huh, Jacob?" A low and teasing voice came from the shadow. I ignored it, and tried to walk as quickly as possible. The shadow glided along side me as I walked. "Come on, Jacob. Talk to me, bud." The shadow grinned teasingly. "It's been 3 months in a row! Good for you!" I responded with a small but strenuous voice. "Will you shut the fuck up? And also don't say my name. It pisses me off." The creature replied by jokingly saying, "Hey hey, no need to use hostile language now. It'll hurt my feelings!" I turned towards it and scoffed. "You? With feelings? Nah, can't imagine." I kept on walking, but the monster paused for a few moments before he swiftly moved in front of me and blocked my way. He whispered ominously, "Oh yeah. How was that last presentation? What was it about again?" My body froze. I couldn't move at all. "Child abuse and what not, right? What'd you think about it?" I tried to speak, but all I could manage was to look up at his dark figure and open my mouth. My body became hot again, and my vision started blurring and I almost fell over. The shadow grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him. His voice was nefarious and even lower than before. When I was at eye level with him, he grinned and said "Hey, don't fight back. You know very well what'll happen if you do." He let go of me and all I could manage to say was "Damn you, Satan.." He grinned in a sinister way and that's when I lost consciousness. 

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