My Moments

What it says at the top :)


1. English

So today I had English class with my friend and it was funny. First everyone changed seats but she did not let Beth sit next to me, like WHY? (I think she is racist because I'm polish) anyway, so Beth had to tell her that others swapped so she gave us that 'fine' you know the one that you get when people hate you or you do something horrible ye that one. Then she nearly gave someone in our class a one hour detention because they did not have their pen, now before you tell me that he should have his pen, miss heard him but ignored his question. So he was standing up for himself until Sir came in and she turned from that bitch and said 'hello sir' in the sweetest way ever and I was discussed by it. Then me and Beth then stared talking about how parents an say anything but when we try to stand up for yourself it's talking back and stuff. Then a guy in our class got sent out 3 times for doing nothing and that's how my Friday ended.        \(^o^)/

Hope you enjoyed


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