My new beginning with her.

This story shows feelings i have for a certain girl, without whom I would not be.


8. With my love again!!!!

Being in this new very different country had Jay a little scared, but he did what he knew would comfort him he hugged the love of his life. 

Elena: Jay im so happy you came but we just finished hugging why are you hugging me again?

Jay: Hugging my future wife calms me down. (smiling) 

Elena: Awwww!!!

Elena: Let's go get your bags oki bae.

Jay: Sounds like a plan.

After Jay and Elena went to get the bags they were both happy cause they could do what they wanted now.

Jay: Close your eyes for a sec bae.

Elena: Why?!?

Jay: Just trust me.

Jay took the change to steal a loving kiss that he'd been waiting for.

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