My new beginning with her.

This story shows feelings i have for a certain girl, without whom I would not be.


3. Why are you here?!?!

Jay searched his mind for a reason as to why this person was in his workplace. She does everything in her power to break him then she dates his best friend!! Why

Jay: Caroline have you come here?!?

Jay: Is it to show to the world how truly evil you are cause if so please proceed, but if that's not the case leave now!!

Caroline: I just came to get some books for Adam. You his best friend  should know he loves to read before he sleeps just like you in fact.

Caroline: You two are alike in almost every way except that he chose the right girl.

Jay: Listen and listen well I chose from my heart, and from my heart I saw me and Hana together and we were in love. I don't know what I ever saw in you.

Caroline: You saw a woman who was going to be rich one day.

Jay: Money can't buy love Caroline, now leave this book shop!!

After that jay continued to work through his day hoping nothing more would come to bug him. What came next was the woman that gave his life meaning.

Hana: Jaaay!!! I missed you to much so I came to see you!

Jay being as happy as he was forgot about his customers, in his line jumped over the counter, and ran to hug the love of his life.

Jay: You know if Adam realizes you don't work here he will make you leave.

Hana: What should I do?!?

As Jay is thinking of a solution he sees it.

Jay: Bae are you wearing my shirt?!?

Hana: yeah I am why??

Jay: I need you to switch shirts with me.

Jay: That way it looks like you work here and I just forgot my work shirt.

Hana: Good idea Bae just one problem, i'm not taking my shirt off right here.

Jay: I wasn't gonna make you change right here no we are gonna change there, in the staff lunch room.

Hana: I'm not allowed in there though.

Jay: Just follow me.

So they go to the lunch room and change shirts, but as they were stepping out Adam walks in.

Adam: Jay why is your line unoccupied and who is this??

Jay: Um Adam this is the new intern you assigned to me I was just giving here a tour of the building.

Adam: Good job jay, but it would also be nice if you could show her how you serve customers.

Jay: Yeah okay.

As Jay and Hana go back to work they realized they were really lucky.



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