My new beginning with her.

This story shows feelings i have for a certain girl, without whom I would not be.


2. Another day of missing my love.

Stepping out the door jay knew it would be a long day without Hana.

Jay: Here I come job I hate so much.

Coming down the stairs he shouts after Jay.

Ashwin: Dude why so grim bruh bruh?!?

Jay: I don't get to chill with the bae today Ash, you tell me what's wrong.

Ashwin: Awww Poor kid, you want a hug??

Jay: No thanks guy, I take hugs from my love only.

Jay: So can I go to hell now, oops I mean work.

Ashwin: Sure just come home early so Hana doesn't stay sad long.

Jay: Sure and Bruh do me a favor, stay away from my lady!

Ashwin: Yes Captain lol!!

As Jay leaves his building he already gets sad knowing it will be hours until he can see his girlfriend's face again.

The minute he steps into the building people start asking where books are and what not.

Jay: Welcome to Barnes and Noble how may I help?

Adam: You can start by smiling, jeez dude you look like the freaking Grimm Reaper!

Adam: What has you down in the dumps??

Jay: I miss elena bro, what else has me like this Gosh!!!

Adam: Help some people bro you'll be fine. 

Jay: Whatever!!

As his day passes he thinks maybe this won't be that bad than he looks at his next customer. 

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