The one left behind

He was the one left behind. No one ever saw him again. The story of the unknown. Cover by Kuraisenshi.


3. Chapter 2






You found parts of me I didn't know existed and 

in you I found a love I longer believed was real.

                                                   - Anonymous 




Brandon never thought that such a day would come, where he would be made to chase love, but then he never thought that beauty like Delilah's even existed. Life was full of surprises and this was the best one that Brandon had ever got.

As Brandon came out from behind the tree he again started following Delilah, who was turning a corner near the Taki's restaurant. Brandon didn't want to be the type of guy that followed girls just to get in their pants; he didn't want to be a total creep. So, he always kept a distance between him and Delilah, to look like a totally random person going in a random direction. Which was very easy in a city like Cali, where people hardly noticed anyone and no matter how perfect life you had, for others you were just heading towards oblivion.

Brandon saw Delilah wait at a crossing and even from a distance of fifty meters, he could still see the exceedingly beautiful grey eyes of her which were sparkling like diamonds in the sky.

Like other days, Brandon was sure that today would be the day, when he will finally meet Delilah and talk to her. He knew the response wouldn't be good, no matter how much he loved her, he just couldn't live another day with this burden on his heart. He finally had to give words to his emotions and today was as good as any other day.

So, he began his journey. Which he knew was futile but he continued anyway with love showing him the way to his heart and he soon found himself turning into the same street where it all began.

Cups and Cakes Cafe.

He took it as a sign maybe even the God was with him. He never believed in God and superstitions, but with nothing to chain him back to earth he even believed in God and mostly he believed that love truly exists. He went into the cafe with bells chiming behind him as opened the door and went in.

He began searching for his missing piece, until he finally found it. She was sitting in the same corner, on the same table and in same circumstances with a cup of cappuccino on one side and a open notebook on the other, which used to be white once but was covered with all sorts of drawings that Brandon had never seen before.

He took a empty table at the other corner but sat in such a way by which he could see Delilah without drawing attention. He was disturbed in his peaceful meditation by a tap on his shoulder by a waitress he guessed was standing there for at least 5 minutes trying to draw his attention. Not to seem rude he ordered a black coffee with no cream and two sugar cubes just the way he likes it and to make up on the time lost by the waitress he even ordered a cream cake which he hated but he thought he at least owed her that much to leave a good bill and a tip.

He once again turned his eyes back to the gem of his eyes but all that met him was darkness with an empty cappuccino cup, cloth table slightly tussled showing recent human activity on the table but that was it. Nothing else. No notebook and no Delilah. It looked like she had vanished into thin air. Brandon's eyes began darting back forth to find her but he just couldn't locate her. He started to get out of his seat to look for her outside, when suddenly a hand forced him down on his seat.

Brandon looked up to see the source. It both mystified and scared him at the same time. He found himself staring into eyes that shone like diamonds in the sky.

He never imagined the first encounter with Delilah to be like this. Now, he was afraid of what was to follow when Delilah took a seat across him, with her hand still on his shoulder. Brandon could hear his heart beat out of his chest as a thin shin of sweat broke out on his forehead, which he rubbed away unknowingly. 

Brandon was very afraid to look up from his hands. He didn't want to get caught. At least not like this. He looked up to see a furious face but what he saw was just the opposite.

Delilah was smiling at him. Not in bad or sarcastic way but smiling if she actually meant it. But Brandon still didn't push his luck and he kept his quiet. It was soon broken by Delilah's melodious voice. But what came out of her mouth were words he never thought he would hear not even in his dreams. He thought Delilah was crazy but then he loved her even more after those words and he also did something very crazy in return.













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