A Minecraft Story

Steve, and Alex are in this mysterious world. When the night approaches Steve, and Alex must prepare to fight zombies, skeletons, creepers, or worst!


1. Steve and Alex

He stood up,and examined his surroundings. There was a small lake with a small patch of grass surrounding it. Some cows were walking in the distance. "My name is Steve, and I am a human."  Steve thought. He took a deep breath, and sat down. Steve attempted to talk, "hmm" thought Steve "All I remember is my name, and how to speak, interesting..." This is a strange place, I wonder why I am here. "HELLO!" Steve shouted. no one answered...   ★ ★ ★    Steve moaned "Ouch, my head hurts!" "Mine too." whispered a strange, and unfamiliar voice. "Who said that?" Steve yelled. A girl with orange hair, and a green shirt stood up. "Hi my name is Alex." said the girl. Steve said "Um hi I'm Steve." So how did you get here? "I don't know, I just randomly spawned here." said Alex. "Well what are we here for, what are we supposed to do!" Steve got mad. He winded his arm back, then he punched a tree to release his anger. "LOOK!" Alex exclaimed! "what is it?" Steve wondered. A oak log fell from that tree you punched. "May I see the log?" Alex asked. "Sure." Steve said. Alex crafted a crafting table. "Oh I understand now!" Alex said. "We break blocks, grab the blocks, and craft something with the resources." Alex started punching at the rest of the tree. "I'll help you." Steve said.  ★ ★ ★  "I'm hungry." Steve moaned. "here take this sword, and kill that cow near that tree." said Alex. Steve has never killed an animal before, but Steve was brave, and he thrust-ed his sword at the cow. "bon appetit." Steve hollered.


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