Battle Begin!

Two fighters will be pitted against one another, in showdowns that will leave them all scarred, in one way or another. Some more than others... But these fighters are not your average brawlers, but skilled warriors going head-to-head in a battle to survive. But yet all of them are deceived... Let the Battle Begin.


7. The Aegis and the Defilers (II)

"Aldrin! Protect the book! I'll keep these two occupied!" Guild yelled as Aldrin nodded to him, climbing and running along the side of the walls momentarily. Guild, Eris and Morgana clashed in a whirl of steel. Guild's swords blocked and parried each of their attacks, one sword defending against each of the girls. He never made an attack back, merely holding off their blows one by one. 

"See to it the bowman fails!" Eris called, and Morgana followed suit. Aldrin stood between Morgana and the book, a look of determination to be absolute and steadfast. 

"You are bold to get in my way, bowman." she sniggered. Aldrin drew back the arrow on his string at her. 

"This Cathedral means more to me than you know, girl... I will not let you take that book." 

"Oh I know who you are, Aldrin." she glared, still smiling at him deceivingly. He snarled in angry confusion, letting his arrow go. In a quick side step, Morgana took cover behind a concrete pillar. She spoke to him from behind her cover. "You come here on the same day, every year to honour someone you murdered." Her focus was sharped to her rapier, as a curving arrow came at her, seeming to go around the pillar with a mind of its own. She deflected it as the metal clanged. But he came around the corner of he vision, another arrow drawn at her head. 

"It was not a murder!" he yelled, firing another arrow she easily deflected. "It had to be done!" 

Meanwhile, at the other end of the cathedral, Eris and Guild were circling one another like lions, eyeing one another up. 

"You're good with those fancy little swords, I'll give ya that..." Eris chuckled, the leather from her gloves gripping the scythe tightly. 

"Aye. I'm good with these swords... but that's a rather strange polearm..." he asked, still as they went round and round one another. 

"Like it? Its good at cleaving people in half." she grinned. "And you're foot work's good as well. You've been trained well. Bet by some fancy, honourable teacher, in a nice fancy building." Guild said no reply, merely scowling. She suddenly stepped forward and swung her scythe at him. He stuck both his swords in a parallel block as the three weapons pushed on one another. "Very good." she muttered. And then, she kept on swinging with horizontal slashes, upper cuts that carved through the ground and brought her scythe down as it broke through the stone floor. Her assaults had such weight and power that Guild could only dodge and weave. If he blocked again, he'd be overpowered quickly.  "Slimy, aren't you? Thought you had some honour in you..." 

"There's a difference between honour and wits." he smiled as she swung another sweeping arc at him that he could only deflect head on. 

"Aye, but you know what's wrong with honour?" she said, spitting into his eye as he jerked back in disgust. 

Back with Aldrin and Morgana, the two fought in close quarters, Aldrin blocking each of her stabs and delicate thrusts. 

"I know that you tell yourself that your sister disobeyed the clan's judgement." she exclaimed as the two argued in conflict. "That you had to kill her to maintain order. That it was your duty to the clan! Or suffer your own penalties!" she roared, stepping up the tempo of her attacks. 

"It was my duty... And my burden." he knocked her back only slightly to disengage her, and drew another arrow from his quiver. "But that does not mean I will not realize my solitude!" he growled, releasing the arrow as she, for a third time, knocked it away. 

"Your solitude will not be repaired by simply kneeling to some old book! You were selfish enough to think that your life mattered over mine!" she hissed and the very air around them halted as the two stayed very still as if time had utterly paused. Aldrin suddenly connected to her like a plug to a socket, and his heart skipped a beat. 

"Morgana?..." he spoke with sheer disbelief in his voice. "What?... How?..." 

"That doesn't matter anymore, Aldrin... I took care of you! We shared the death of our mother and father at the hands of those criminals! And you kill your last relation to follow them... Betraying our name!" she shouted. 

"I had to, Morgana! If I did not do it, they would've killed us both!" 

"Or we could've fought our way out and run away together... on our own... as a family... instead you attempted to take my life and you come to this back-water city to try and run away from your guilt. But your guilt has followed you here..." she gnarled. 

"Please Morgana... I did what I had to do... You must understand, I didn't want-" he pleaded, faint tears going down his masked cheeks. 

"Don't say another word to me! I care not for your sadness, or our past!" she bellowed, kicking him in his chin and making his unconscious body slide along the glossy floor. She walked over to his body and knelt down next to it. A necklace of a bright blue crystal glinted at her, and she smiled. "I'll be taking that back." she whispered, yanking it to snap the crude rope from his neck. 

Eris went fully on the offensive, swinging wildly at her opponent. Guild still tried to get the spit out of his eye, all whilst ducking and evading her swings. 

"Sooner or later you'll have to strike back!" she smirked. The saliva in his eye became an extreme irritation, that occupied all of his thought. Soon, she bashed is chest with the lower handle of her scythe, winding his abdominals and making him stagger to his hands and knees. She looked down at him as he gasped for air, and raised her scythe. "Bon voyage, boy..." But a voice from the back of the cathedral stopped her swing. 

"Eris! I have the book!" Morgana cheered, holding the Bible in her hands. "Let's go!" Morgana looked back down at the boy, smiled, sheathed her scythe. The two girls smashed a holy and beautiful window, and jumped out. 

Morgana took one final look at her brother splayed on the ground and looked at the pendant she had taken from him. She sighed to herself and hopped off after Eris, thinking about her actions. The boys lay broken... and failed. Who knew what chaos was to ensue now upon the city.

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