Battle Begin!

Two fighters will be pitted against one another, in showdowns that will leave them all scarred, in one way or another. Some more than others... But these fighters are not your average brawlers, but skilled warriors going head-to-head in a battle to survive. But yet all of them are deceived... Let the Battle Begin.


6. The Aegis and the Defilers (I)

"An artifact?" 

"Aye. An artifact. I've wanted to get my hands on it for years." 

Said the two figures as they marched down the street. Eris and Morgana. The two had become decent acquaintances to each other over the past few weeks. Looting whoever they wanted, fighting where they pleased and making names of themselves around the city. 

"And... you want this artifact, why?" Morgana asked up to Eris, raising an eyebrow in suspicion. Eris grinned with power lusting intent in her eyes. 

"Immortality, Morgi."
Morgana didn't quite believe her. Merely myth and speculation she must have heard. 

"Nonsense. Nothing in this world is immortal." she grumbled, shaking her head. "And stop calling me Morgi..."

"But its a good name! But really my friend, I mean it. Immortality." Eris sneered, looking back down at her companion. "Look around you. What do you see?" Morgana looked around the skyscrapers and concrete. 


"Exactly." Eris expressed as she strolled onward faster. "Rubble. Everything in this city has been degraded and laid a ruin. But not where we're going." 

The girls turned a corner and out infront of them lay an open courtyard. Concrete still intact, Mother Nature repelled in a rough circle around the center building. 

"Welcome, Morgi, to the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament." Eris gestured. A beautiful religious construct stood untouched, unscathed and unhindered. The towers on the left and right side of its front were peaked to their finest tips and it stood tall over the lain waste surrounding it. "This place has been left alone for more than three hundred years. Even the Cataclysm didn't leave a scratch on it. And I shall show you why." she ushered as she walked to the giant front doors. Morgana was still in awe, unable to comprehend somewhere where destruction was apparent. 
Eris creaked open the rustic wooden doors. Not even rot could decay it away. It was bright and marvelous inside. The ceiling so tall and the colours of the stain glassed windows illuminated the walls with saturated colour. The long, long walk way ran all the way down to an alter at the very end. 

"Nice, isn't it?" Eris began as her voice echoed loudly through the empty chamber. Morgana was still beside herself in wonder. "Do you not want to see this artifact then?" she called, as Morgana came to and hurried on down after her. Sat on the alter, encased in a thick but crystal clear glass case. "Behold, Morgi, the last Bible." she smiled. 

"The Bible?..." she questioned. 

"Aye, the Bible. There were once millions of these books. But the Cataclysm had all religion eradicated. The defenders gave their very lives to protect this one building, to the last man. At its heart, this rustic, old book is why this building stands. Whoever holds it, it will remain forever, like this cathedral." 

"Then..." Morgana started, still bewildered, "why hasn't someone taken it before? I mean, it is just sitting here." 

"It's because they're all scared. They say if someone nabs it, they become cursed. I know that's just myth to keep everyone away. But it won't stop me." she grinned, raising her scythe high and bringing it down to slash open the glass. But an arrow knocked the scythe's trajectory off course. 

"They are no myth, thief!" called a voice from the front doors. A boy, with two swords gripped in his palms and an archer lowering his bow from a fresh shot, stood in the doorway. "You take that book, you'll put a curse of hurried decay upon the entire city. More so than it already is..." Aldrin and Guild had heard of the trouble these two savages had been causing and the bounty they had on their heads. Morgana drew her sword as she and Eris turned to face their rivals. 

"What's it to you two? This book means nothing to anyone anymore." Eris growled, clutching her scythe in both her hands. 

"I do. I come here to pray for my lost family, like many, many others. I would rather die than let you take that Bible." Aldrin snarled back, drawing another arrow from the quiver on his back. 

"That can be arranged..." Morgana said as she held up her rapier. 

"We can either waste our time fighting here, girls. Or we can look past this and have a discussion of rational thought." Guild offered, sheathing his weapons away. The girls looked at one another, and then both to Aldrin. 

"Who were your family?" Eris asked. Aldrin tightened his grasp on his bow-handle. 

"You don't care for their loss..." he hissed. 

"Bet they died suffering." Morgana continued. Aldrin's anger seethed as his blood boiled in his veins. 

"They died because they were unfit to survive in this world." Eris grinned. Guild looked to Aldrin in worry as tears ran down from his shadowed eyes. "Their murders must've cut them open so easily... Like I'm going to cut you open." The pain in Aldrin's heart turned to that of hateful rage, letting an arrow fly down the walkway. The girls smiled deviously as they charged ahead, avoiding the arrow. Guild drew his blades and the two boys counter charged one another. 

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