Battle Begin!

Two fighters will be pitted against one another, in showdowns that will leave them all scarred, in one way or another. Some more than others... But these fighters are not your average brawlers, but skilled warriors going head-to-head in a battle to survive. But yet all of them are deceived... Let the Battle Begin.


2. Avenger

The streets were so silent. In the cloudless night, the sources of light that flickered through the air were the dancing fireflies. Coloured such lurid greens like bright emeralds that hovered so delicately. The moonlight shone with such white luminosity, the faint shadows dimly blocking out its dull light. One of the shadows softly moved along the rooftops of the ruined towers, high above in the city floor. 

The shadow was a young man, fully cloaked and hooded as his thin scarf wafted like a tail about his neck. His eyes watched a figure far, far down below. A lone man, smoking a crude cigarette as leant against the wall peacefully. Fireflies darted around him, attracted to the glowing orange of his burning tobacco. The stalking shadow sat still at the edge of the flat rooftop, ducking to one knee as his prey obliviously looked up to the sky. Drawing an arrow from his quiver, the shadow pulled back the string on his bow. The tension on the tough fibers shook and ached as the predator took careful aim, and released. The arrow whistled sharply, going head-to-head with its mark. But it was halted. 

Another shadow got in its way. The newcomer stood on a nearby but lower roof as right sword cut the arrow down its centre, splitting it into two pieces like the peeling skin off a fruit. Noticing the commotion, the quarry dropped his cigarette and fled with all haste. The bowman gazed at the newcomer in front of him, in bewilderment and anger. Encased in a thin suit of steel, his blue, piercing eyes glowed brightly in the moon light. His two swords in each hand were twins of one another, crafted exactly the same, shining with cold black steel. 

"I assume you're one of his filthy, personal body guards he pays." the bowman asked. 

"No." the newcomer replied, "But I won't allow you to murder without reason."
The bowman growled as he drew another arrow quickly at the swordsman. 

"That low life murdered my daughter..." 

"But you have no right to kill him!" the swordsman argued in an aggressive yell. 

"I have the only right!" the bowman yelled back, letting fly his arrow. The swordsman crossed his swords in front of him as the arrow hit them with such force as to knock him off his feet and fall down the side of the skyscraper. Putting one of his swords backwards, he stuck it into the building's wall and slid down at a slower rate. His sword sparked and ground as it cut through the flimsy plastic glass, the hardened concrete, and the solid metal with equal ease. He came to a gradual stop when he subtly touched the ground below with his feet, but was taken swiftly by surprise. The bowman followed him down by falling with great speed on top of a rusted car roof; with a mighty crash and creaking metal, he caved the vehicle inward underneath him. 

"Revenge will not bring you the justice you seek!" the swordsman shouted. The bow drew another arrow at him. 

"Vengeance will bring him to justice!" he roared, letting a third arrow go. The newcomer deflected it upwards with his blade and the arrow rotated violently as it stuck into the ground. With close enough proximity, he charged at the bowman with flurrying swords. They swung with ebb and flow, one slash following another like the wind. The bowman dodged and ducked the fast moving blades, and blocked the two of them with his sturdy bow, the clanging of metal ringing in their ears. Yet the swordsman was one step ahead of him. He gymnastically jump-kicked the bowman with both legs, making him fly backwards into the side of a car bonnet. Taking the advantage, the newcomer brought his swords down in a high-jump from the air, and the two men were locked in a tense stalemate. The tips of the swords were at the bowman's face as he held out his bow horizontally to bar the swords from plunging into his skull. The swordsman growled, 

"You think avenging those who were murdered, with murder, makes it right?! That it brings you gallantry?!" he applied more strength to his swords downward. "Gallantry comes from what good deeds one does!" But the bowman employed more power into holding up his bow and scowled at whom which stood above him as both of their arms shook with pressure. 

"You dare to talk to me about gallantry?! You know nothing of gallantry!" he clamoured as he shifted his bow to the side, putting the swordsman off balance. In a moment, the bowman clambered unto the roof of the car, drew his last three arrows and leaped from the car with finesse. As if time had slowed, he put the three arrows inbetween his fingers, pulled his bow string at the swordsman and twisted the tight string with his wrist; all in mid air. The arrows launched, however as if they had minds of their own, the three of them went amok with purpose. The middle arrow glided straight on at its target, but the two outer arrows flew outwards, and bent their trajectory back towards the swordsman. But the newcomer swiftly dolphin-rolled forwards, and made a second, last berserker charge at the bowman. Taking the arrow from the ground that he shot earlier, the bowman drew string one last time. 

The two met each other eye-to-eye, the bowman with a sword's edge lightly touching his throat, and the swordsman with a drawn arrow inches from his cranium. Another deadlock. The two stood o'so still as they huffed deeply to catch their breath, yet still glaring at one another. 

"Avenging your daughter can come from more than just murder. Justice can be brought through more than just violence..." The newcomer removed the sword from the bowman's neck. The bowman too restrained himself, letting his arm pull forward with the string. "We can bring him to justice. Together." The swordsman held out his hand to the bowman, a smile upon his face. "The name's Guild." he spoke softly. The bowman looked down at his hand, and then back to his face for only a moment. Eventually, he took it. 

"Aldrin." he replied back.

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