This story is about you. Yes you! You're 20 years old, you may have an extremely famous boyfriend, you model for the highest people... The rest is for you to find out!


1. The power of the booty


*Your p.o.v*

"Your such a whore." I scream."Hailey!"

There was my best friend. Casually acting like a slut at a housewarming party. What can I say? It's what she does best!

She stopped dancing and threw a look at me,"After you and Justin's break up, you've gone boring! Okay, we needa get you a boy babe. Im not a slut for no reason. Jake," her...boyfriend...its complicated. "is in the corner and he's been eyeing gigi's ass. Now he needs to see what he's missing. So what about that boy over there?"

She pointed at a boy standing by the door. He had cute hair and wore a casual outfit. He had muscles too! "Maybe." I blushed. When i caught his eye, he smiled and looked me up and down several times before working up the courage to walk up to me. I guess i panicked, because I walked speedily over to the dance floor where they were playing drunk in love. 

"DRUNK IN LOOOOOVE." Everyone sang. I started to dance a little more...openly? Until someone stood behind me and held my waist. The reason I didn't turn around and kill the guy was because it felt like his hands were made to fit on my hips. And soon we were practically grinding on each other. I turned around, only to see is was him! 


"Maybe we should get out of here. After I get a name that is." We both smiled.

I told him my name. And he said his, "Cameron. Cameron Dallas. Come on then beautiful."

He was different. Rather than hooking up, we exchanged numbers and addresses. It was different. But a good type of different.


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