Sam Parkins was an ordinary girl, her biggest worry being what she would do tommorow. But, that all changed when the virus started spreaking.

It's a battle of strength. Only the strongest will survive.


1. Prologue

It all seemed like a normal day at first, everybody was just going on with their regular lives. Nobody at first thought of anything at the graffiti at the local high school which read out the words "The End is Near". The adults just assumed it was a rebellious teenager acting out, while teenagers were laughing and joking, wondering which one of them had written it. The poor young children couldn't help but wonder who had written it, though it remained a prank until the body was found. 

Sam Parkins was at the local police department. Anybody else would have thought that Sam had done something wrong, maybe shoplifted to get herself at the police station. But, to all the locals they all knew that Sam spent most of her time with her father, Christopher Parkins the head of the police department. After Sam had lost her mother to a robbery gone wrong, her father was all she had. Now that Sam was fifteen years old, she started to act out like a lot of the local teens, dying her hair, getting piercings, taking up smoking and drinking. Poor Christopher he was such a wonderful police officer and he tried to be a good father too, but he spent most of the time at the station too ashamed to face his daughter. He couldn't admit to his daughter that every time he looked at her, she reminded him of his late wife. Sam just thought her father didn't like her, she couldn't understand and blamed herself. It was a typical evening that Friday the 13th, well it had been until the police department had gotten a phone call about a body. Since it was Friday the 13th, the whole police station thought it was a joke, a prank call by one of the local teens, and that was why they decided to go and see this supposed body, Sam had thought of it as something finally "cool" in their little town of Faulksnere and hopped a ride. 

What nobody had been prepared to see was the body of a young girl or what appeared to be a young girl. Her body was broken displaced limbs sticking out anywhere. Sam screamed and ran back, even Christopher didn't know what to do. He had never witnessed a murder in Faulksnere, the worst thing that had happened in a town like this was a local suicide. The body was decomposing, turning a dirty green colour, the mud from the ground had started to blend in with the blood. Christopher had guessed that the girl had been here for at least three days, judging from the body though he had no idea who or what could have done such a tragic thing. The police officers were checking the dead girl's body for any id, when she suddenly stood up. At first, it all seemed like a prank but the more nobody started laughing, did they all realize that this wasn't no ordinary prank. Sam was sitting in the police car sobbing in distraught at the sight of seeing the body, that she had no idea what was going on to the police officers or her father. The screams of the officers rang clear in the air, and Sam sat in the car alone not knowing what was going on, or what had happened to her father. She was waiting inside the car when the ambulance had arrived, when the police department from the nearby county began asking her questions, Sam didn't know what to do or what to say. When she asked them about her father, they refused to say anything. However, when she asked them about the dead body, they started asking about which one. As Sam described the girl's body, they told her that there was no body fitting that description and they took her to the local hospital.

Sam was delirious they assumed, after witnessing a traumatic experience she could no longer realize what was real or not. Perhaps if they had believed Sam, they could have put an end to the epidemic of the virus, but by the time everyone in Faulksnere realized that it was much far too late.

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