The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


6. What does he know ?

 When Emily had her next shift the next night she was deeply conflicted, on one hand she wanted Loki to call for her, it was such a long night just waiting.
 On the other hand she was embarrassed by her dream and feared seing him face to face again.
 She hadn't been there for long before the buzzer sounded. She could feel the guards watching her when she walked out, probably wondering why he would talk to her and no one else. 
 She didn't know either, but mostly wondered how he seemed to know when she was on duty every time.
 She feelt her face getting flustered as she got near the cell, the dream was still sitting with her, she could feel know she was there.
 So she stopped and took some deep breathes, she had to put it behind her, she didn't want to act strange.
 She entered the cell and Loki looked up from his book sending her a smile. Emily couldn't help but smiling back. "Hi Loki, what can I do for you today ?"
 "Good evening lady Emily, a pleasure to have you back". He put down the book, and to her surprice she recognised the complete works of Shakespeare.
 He stood up slowly and walked to his bedside table, where he picked up a note. He turned around and heldt out the note towards her. "If it's not to much trouble, this is some items I would like to have".
 "No problems or of course it depend on your wishes, but I will hand it over to who evers is in charge". She answered smiling, and reached for the note.
 When her hand closed around the note, her fingers touched his and she let out a small involuntarily gasp as she felt a light shock run up her arm and into her stomach.
 His mouth twisted mischievously and he look down at her fingers, then back to her face. "Something wrong lady Emily ?"
 "No, no not at all, just statics I guess". She shook her head frantically. What was wrong with her ? She suddenly felt her throat go really dry.
 Loki walked to the water cooler in the corner and filled a cup with water, he gave her the cup. "You look like you could use this".
 "Thanks, just what I neaded". She drank greedily from the cup, feeling it soothing her throat.
 He smiled mischievously and winked at her. "Yes, I know exactly what your heart desires".
 Emily nearly choked on the water, it was exactly what he had said in the dream, but he couldn't know about the dream or could he ? An odd feeling took hold of her.
 Loki looked at her, one eyebrow liftet questioning, like he was pensing for a reaktion.
 Her heart was pounding and she felt like she couldn't breathe rigth, her body heat increasing rapidly.
 She put down the cup in a hurry and was half running for the exit. "I have to go, I forgot something I have to do, but I will make sure the right person gets your list".
 "Good night my lady, and sweet dreams until I see you again". He started to laugh, and she walked of as fast as possible. 
She was totally ignoring her colleagues in the surveillance room, when she returned.
 Her head was a mess, how could he know about the dream ? No it had to be a coincidence. She was just silly and had misinterpreted is words..

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