The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


8. Please put on some clothes

 Emily actually was kind of looking forward to getting back to work, at least it was an easy job and Loki wasn't scary, just a bit odd sometimes.
 She was hoping he wanted to talk some more, if he would just lay of the flirting and the alluding things he shouldn't know.
 She had already brought him his breakfast, but he had been asleep, looking so very young and peaceful, she had been feeling a bit silly standing there watching him sleep.
 At lunch time she was whistling as she walked to the elevator, she didn't know why, but she just felt so happy and it seemed to be contagious, as the guards were smiling back at her.
 She stepped into the cell and put the tray on the table, she looked around, Loki was nowhere to be seen, she looked again. "Hallo, where are you ?"
 That was when he came out the bathroom, if you could call it that, it was just kind of at little walled of area in one corner.
 Emily was glad she had put down the tray or she might have dropped it, not that she would admit it. He had clearly been taking an shower and was naked except for a small towel hanging on his narrow hips.
 He wasn't big and brawny like his brother, but long and slender with very well defined muscles. He saw her looking and smiled smugly. "What a pleasure Lady Emily".
 She was kicking herself mentally, trying to get a hold and remember who and what he was. She blurted out. "For Gods sake Loki, put on some clothes".
 "Does the naked body offend you ?" He asked curiously, looking like he didn't find it inappropriate at all.
 She took a deep breathe, trying not to look at him. "No not in general Loki, but I like to choose when and whom to see almost naked".
 "And stil, you seam to, understandably, enjoy the sight". He smiled, his eyes twinkling with mischief. The he shrugged, turned and walked to the dresser, dropping the towel.
 Emily closed her eyes, trying the keep her breath steady, but she couldn't help but sneaking an extra peak, she hated to admit it, but he had an extraordinary nice ass.
 She felt her face go red from her thoughts. He slipped on a pair of loose pants and a white T-shirt, then he turned around, looking at her. "Satisfied ? Self-control reestablished ?"
 She sent him a murderes look and he chuckled lightly, it seemed to amuse him to make her disconcerted. 
 He walked over to the table, and she noticed there were now a chess board sitting there, and she grabbed the opportunity to change the subject. "Was the chess board on you list ?"
 He nodded, letting one of his long fingers graze the edge of the board. "Yeah, I need something to distract me. Do you play ?"
 "I haven't played for many years, but I used to play with my grandfather". Emily said, truth was, she hadn't been very good and her grandfather had let her win.
 He pushed out the other cheir with his foot and looked at her inviting. "Come, play with me, I promise to be gentle".
 She sent him a warning look, but she sat down anyway, as she had nothing else to do.
 When she left the cell 2 hours later, he had beat her 5 times, but that was okay, she had enjoyed their conversation, even though it was mostly about here, he didn't share much and just changed the subject if she asked.
 But she had a very hard time getting the image of his naked body out of her head.


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