The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


20. In the realm of the goods

 Emily woke up to a skull splitting headache, every sound to loud and the light blinding, she fe felt sore, but a lot better than expected, which wasn't hard, as she had expected to be dead.
 She tried to lift her head, but it was to hard and a slim hand was putnon her chest keeping her down a soft female voice saying. "Rest and regain your strength Lady Emily, you wil need it".
 "Loki, where is Loki ?" She didn't know why that was her first question, maybe because it was her job to look after him, but she felt she needed to know where he was.
 The voice answered her, it was a warm and caring voice. "Don't worry about Loki, he is resting as well, he spend a lot of his magic and need to get his strength back".
 Emily allow herself to go back to sleep, she need to sleep, she can feel that and she feel save wherever it is she is.
 Her sleep was filled with a lot of confusing dreams, but her brain is to exhausted, the dreams doesn't stick, the only thing she can remember is Loki, he was in most of the dreams.
 When she awakes again the light is soft and muted, like the light of a late afternoon and her head is feeling much better, so she opens her eyes and look around, she is in some kind af cottage, a really cosy cottage.
 She sees a little boy, he is watching her with interest, he seeed to be about 5 or 6 years old, he has fair hair and intens green eyes, he jumped up calling out. "Mommy mommy, she is awake".
 "Thank you Narfe, now be a good boy, run out and get you brother, it is time for supper". The boy smiles at her before running of.
 En beautiful fair haired woman with sapphire blue eyes comes into view handing her a wooden bowl. "Her Lady Emily, eat some soup, it will give your strength".
 "Thank you". Emilys voice was hoarse, barely a whisper, she took the bowl and tasted the soup, it is amazing and she drinks it down in big gulps, suddenly feeling ravenous.
 The door openes and she hear light foot steps and the laughter of children, the woman shides them gently. "Narfe, Vale be quiet please, lady Emily needs peace to recover still, come here and get your soup".
 "Sorry, could I maybe get some water ?" Emily hates to ask, but her throat is feeling so very dry.
 "Vale be so kind and bring Lady Emily some water". The womans voice sounds.
 A moment later a slightly older boy appeares, he seems to be 9 maybe 10 years old and his hair a black as a raven, his skin pale and his eyes blue sapphires like his mother. "Here Lady Emily".
 "Thank you my friend". She says accepting the cup he brings her, she can't help but stare at the boy, he reminds her greatly about someone.
 He hurries away though, probably to get his soup, and Emily sits up a little more, to,drink the water, and she can see a little more of the cottage, it is warm and homely, but to be honest it looks like it is a set from a movie about vikings or something.
 "How do you feel Lady Emily ?" The woman appears again, she as almost unearthly beautiful and she is wearing a blue cotten dress that looks like it belongs at a Renaissance fair.
 Emily managed to sit all the way up now. "Much better thank you, and please just call me Emily, oh I don't even no your name ?"
 "I am the lady Sigyn, you can call me Sigyn if you wish, and I am happy you are better Emily". Her smile is friendly and she takes the empty bowl and cup away.
 Sigyn, that name is ringing some kind of bell, she nows she have heard it before. "Where am I ?"
 "You are in Assgaard Emily, the realm of the goods". Sigyn answers, Emily wants to protest, she can't be, but at that moment the door is slung open, and Loki comes in.
 His hair is a mess and his eyes looks frightened, he is adorned in black and green leather, looking like she had expected him to when she first me met him. "We need to leave now, we have been found".
 "Loki you are not strong enough yet and I don't know if she is either". Sigyn sounds worried.
 Loki shakes his head. "I have no choice, I have been cast out of Assgaard by Odin, if they find me here I am lucky to spend forever in a tiny underground hole".
 "Tak Sigyn, tak for alt". Loki lies his hand gently on Sigyns cheek and she leans i to his cares, her eyes closed, Emily is wondering what he said.
 Sigyns voice is soft as she replies in the same language. "Pas på dig selv min elskede og pas på hende, jeg kan se hun betyder meget for dig".
 Loki just nods and then sweeps Emily into his arms, flashes of green suddenly filling the cottage.
 And then everything is black, not like being un unconscious ore having your eyes closed, but like there is only empty black nothingness around them.
 Suddenly they are in the room in Stark tower again and she is put down on the floor quite unceremoniously almost stumbling.
 "Maybe another time .." Emily turns to tell him of, but when she does she sees Loki collapse on the floor.

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