The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


3. He can speak

Emily was standing in the bathroom, looking into the mirror, her brown eyes looking back at her, but in her mind she could se Lokis green eyes big with surprice. 
 Her skin looked so pale in the mirror, she had to get her self back together fast.
She turned on the cold water and splashed some in her face, she had a funny feeling in her stomach, what had just happened ?
 She sighed and pulled her dark curls back in a ponytail, the she turned around and walked out of the bathroom and back to the guard room.
 "What the hell just happened there ?" Both guards watching the cameraes turned and looked quizzically at her, when she stepped in the door.
 Emily just shrugged, she didn't really know herself. "I must have surpriced him, maybe he didn't hear me enther the cell".
 "So the evil og terrifying Loki almost pissed his pants over a little girl". both guards were laughing hard at the thought.
 Emily keep her tongue, recenting them for calling her a girl and sure there was something else behind his reaction.
 She sat down in a corner with a book, waiting for the hours to go by to dinner time, when she had to bring him another tray of food.
 At least she got to read a lot of books on the job, on a 12 hour shift all she did was bringing him his 3 daily meals. 
 The night watch was even more tedious, nothing to do but wait, he still hadn't called for her a single time, actually he hadn't asked for anyting from anyone at all.
 When it was time for dinner she stood up and went out to get the tray, walked to the elevator and nodded at the guards, like she did every time she went down to the cell.
 But when she waited in the elevator a strange feeling struck her again, she just felt like going back up and just go home.
 But she knew it was stupid, Loki had never given her any reason to fear him, she shook it of and keep on going down.
 She entered the cell but stopped in her tracks, he was sitting on a chair in the middel of the room, feets wide apart, hands folded in front of him, his forfingers resting on his lips and his eyes burning into hers.
 Her stomach did a backflip, it was like going down the big hill on the rollercoaster, what did he want ? Why did he look at her like that ? 
 She didn't think it through before blurting out. "What the hell are you looking at ?"
 He looked at her bewildered one of his eyebrows liftet, she felt a pang of fear, had she gone a step to far ? But the his face eruptet in an amused grin and his eye sparkled mischievously. "You my lady, isn't it obvious ?"
 Emily didn't know what to say, the fact that he was actually speaking to her surpriced to a level that made her just stand there, her mouth half open, gaping at him.
 He rose slowly to his full hight og placed the chair back at the table, not breaking eye contract for a second.
 He looked quite amused with himself. "Something wrong my lady ? And do close thy mouth, it is not a becoming look".
 "Emily, just call me Emily". She hurried over and put the tray down on the table.
 "Lady Emily". He seamed to almost taste her name, as he put his hands on the back of the chair, leaning forward, his green eyes burning into hers.
 Just Emily she thought, but she refrained herselv from correcting him. She couldn't tear herself free from his gaze.
 "What do a pretty young thing like you do in a place like this ?" He made a grand gesture with his arms, his mouth just barely containing a mischievous smile, the corner of his mouth twitching.
 How much should she tell him ? She was quite sure this couldn't be used in any harmful way. "I was tired of being stuck behind a desk, I saw an opportunity and I ceased it, I want to be promoted".
 His face got serious and his gaze, if possible, intensified. "I bet the have habit of underestimating you, those fools. They will learn in time, I suspect that there is alot more to you my lady, even more than yourself know".
 She felt the heat going to her face as she smiled shyly, what do one answer to that ? "Uh thanks, I think. And yes they might, but then I just have to turn it to my advantage".
 "Ain't we just a clever little wench ?" Loki smiled, not maliciously or teasing but a genuine smile that made his eyes twinkle, and she completely forgot to scold him for calling her a wench.
 Emily took a deep breath and asked quizzically. "Why are you talking to me all of a sudden ?"
 He laughed a melodious happy sound, he drew himself up to his full hight and walked slowly around the table. "Maybe I am just starting to get bored out of my mind, all alone here in my cage".
 He didn't stop before he was standing right in front of her, a little to close for comfort. "Or maybe I am trying to ensnare you and then use you to escape".
 Her heart was racing, she could feel his physical presence and it made her both flustered and a bit scared, up close he didn't seem ordinary at all, he had an aura of pure power. 
 He slowly raised his hand and his long fingers caressed her cheek, leavingba burning trail.
 "I have to go now". She backed away fast and almost ran out of the cell, Lokis mischievous laugther following her.


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