The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


2. A single touch

Emily was 26 years old and very proud to be working at SHIELD, she had been there for 5 years now, her only complaint was that she was stuck behind at desk, she wanted to get out in the field, to make a difference.
 People, especially men tended to to underestimate her, because she looked so young and innocent, and admitted she was no superhero and not a seasoned agent like Black Widow, but she could definitely hold her own against most of her colleagues.
 But finaly she had gotten a break, she had been called in to Nick Fury and asked if she would be a part of the team looking after Loki while he was keept in SHIELDS maximum security cell.
 Ok, the mere thought of Loki scared her, he was the brother of Thor and some kind of deity, on top of that he was evil, about as evil as they come she was told.
 But she new that it was her break, if she did well it would lead to more options and might get her away from the desk for good, so she swallowed her fear and accepted.
 She was told that the cell contained his powers, he wouldt be more dangerous than a human, but she couldn't help questioning if it was the truth.
 Emily wasn't sure what she had expected, some kind of ofworldly being in some kind of weird outfit, kind of like his brother Thor, whom she had seen from a distance a couple of times, but she hadn't expected somebody who looked like a normal guy, exept for the eyes the hypnotic green eyes.
 She just had time to think oh no not her, when Judith, her old work neighbour spotted her and came over.
 Judith was everything Emily was afraid to become, she had been at SHIELD for almost 15 years, but she was stills tuck behind a desk, the difference being that she was content with it.
 "Isn't he kind of scary ? I saw him on the TV and he looked so evil" Judith looked curiously at her.
 Emily shrugged and looked lost in thoughts. "Not really, mostly he just sits in the corner or he is reading some book, not really scary at all".
 "Does he talk with you ?" Judith had always been noisy and fast to gossiping, and right now she was clearly searching for something to tell back at the office.
 Emily shaked her head. "Nope, mostly he just ignore me completely, and he haven't asked for anything yet. So my job is basically bringing him his food and waiting around, not so exciting at all".
 "So not everything you expected I see". Judith said, looking around for an excuse to end the conversation.
 "Sorry but it is luch time, so I have to go". Emily said with an apologetic smile and hurried down the hallway, she had no intention ofstanding around talking about him any longe.
 She picked up the tray and went to the elevator for the by now well known trip down to the cell, she had worked there for 3 weeks now and all he had ever said was "thank you" and "you can leave now".
 At first it had been a relief, I made the job real easy, but it kind of started to buck her.
 The walk was well known to her by know, but she always felt people was watching her like she was about to enter to room of a hungry lion.
 She always felt like she couldn't breathe right down in the long hall going to the cell, but she knew it was the knowledge of tons upon tons of earth and concrete on top of her.
 She entered the cell, today he sat at the table, reading a book, he didn't look up when she entered, he only turned anothe page.
 "Hallo". Emily walked over to the table, secretly looking at him, it was still hard to comprehend the he was an evil mythical deity, he looked so normal as he sat there lost in the book.
 She was not all there when she put down the tray, and her hand brushed against his, it was the first time she had any kind of physical contact with him, and she felt shock through her arm.
 What he felt she did not know, but her touch made him jump to his feet, dropping the book and knocking over the chair, he was starring at her big eyes filled with genuine surprise.
 "Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to startle you". She said looking quite surpriced, had he been so far gone in his book, that he hadn't heard her enter ? She picked up his book.
 He closed his eye, he took a deep breath, as to compose himself, the he brushed the hair of his face.
 As he looked at her again, his normal measured gaze, he took the book frem her, careful not to touch her, his voice sounded like i tasted the words. "It is quite alright".
 Emily feelt awkward, she didn't know what to do. Loki lokked at her, then at the door, his voice was flat when he said. "Thanks, you can leave now".
 She hurried out of there, confused about his reaction and bewildered by how soft and warm his skin had been she had somehow expected it to be cold.

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